Algeria Hotels

Visitors who travel to Algeria can expect to find many lodging establishments that adhere to a European standard, including chain hotels such as Hilton, Sofitel, and Hotel Mercure. In large cities such as Algiers and Oran, Algeria hotels have a particularly high standard, as do some of the seaside resorts in the tourist areas.

The Hilton in Algiers is of the most trusted choices for Algeria accommodation for business travelers as well as vacationers. Visitors to this hotel can expect European standards in service and accommodation, with clean and pleasant rooms and superb views over the Bay of Algiers. Visitors can dine in the French restaurant or other restaurants that serve Algerian dishes, swim in the two swimming pools (one outdoor and one indoor), and relax in the sauna and jacuzzi. Business travelers will find this one of the most convenient Algeria hotels as it comes equipped with a business center and several conference rooms. As a large Western chain hotel in a country not known for European conveniences, visitors at the Hilton will find the ATM service and enhanced security at this hotel invaluable, though be prepared to pay higher-than-average prices for the extra amenities.

One of the highest-rated Algeria hotels is the Royal Hotel (pictured) in the Mediterranean city of Oran, a popular destination for business and leisure travel. Formerly part of the Sofitel hotel group, the Royal Hotel is an exquisitely decorated French-style hotel right in the heart of Oran and close to several monuments and tourist attractions. Extremely popular among European travelers, the Royal Hotel is the epitome of luxury Algeria accommodation, with soundproofed rooms equipped with LCD televisions, DVD players, and internet. A spa with Turkish bath, sauna, massages, and other treatments aims to pamper visitors, while two restaurants serve the best of Mediterranean cuisine. A tearoom and bar offer a good place for guests to unwind, while those planning receptions and events will appreciate the excellent banquet and conference facilities. Although this refined establishment does not exactly qualify as a cheap hotel in Algeria, the prices are nonetheless very reasonable for the quality of the amenities and service.

Finding budget Algeria accommodation can be a challenge, especially outside of the big cities. For travelers on a budget, an excellent choice for a cheap hotel in Algeria is Hotel Frantz Fanon in the town of Sétif. This basic but modern hotel is clean and conveniently located within walking distance of the town center and various sights. Past guests rave enthusiastically about the excellent service and food they were provided at the Hotel Frantz Fanon and the well-maintained rooms, most of which have balconies with a view of the surrounding landscape. While the rooms may be basic, the price is right, and this may be one of the best budget hotels you stay in during your visit.

Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel or a cheap hotel in Algeria, do your research before making a reservation, as Algerian hotels can vary greatly in cleanliness and service. Choosing a well-known chain hotel is usually the most reliable option, as they aim to meet Western expectations in their security, services, and amenities, and virtually guarantee a pleasant place to stay during your trip to North Africa.


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