Algiers Algeria

Algiers Algeria is the capital of the country, the largest city, and the financial and economic center. One of the most developed and modern cities in Africa and boasting a high standard of living, Algiers is an attractive city to visit with numerous historical and cultural attractions, including ancient mosques and buildings in the historical Casbah district, the Roman Catholic basilica Notre Dame d'Afrique, and a pleasant modern waterfront promenade. Many who travel to this city look for a hotel in Algiers, as it is a good base to explore neighboring sights.

One of the most popular Algiers attractions is the Casbah (citadel) district of the city. This historic area is a small city on a hill, where tourists can view many old mosques, stonework, and buildings. Among the landmarks in this area of Algiers Algeria is the eighteenth-century Ketchaoua mosque with its two distinctive minarets and mixture of Moorish and Byzantine styles, the seventeenth century Mosque el-Djedid, and the Mosque el-Kebir. Another popular attraction for Algiers travel in the city is the Great Mosque, which is the oldest mosque in Algiers and dates from 1097, with a minaret completed in 1324.

On a cliff overlooking the ocean on the north side of Algiers is Notre Dame d'Afrique, a Roman Catholic basilica built in 1858 in the Roman-Byzantine style. Notre Dame d'Afrique is intended to be a counterpoint to the Notre Dame de la Garde located in Marseille France, just across the Mediterranean. Some interesting features of the church include an inscription reading "Our Lady of Africa, pray for us and for the Muslims" and a statue of the Virgin Mary as a black woman. The basilica is accessible by cable car from various points in Algiers.

In addition to religious monuments, Algiers travel should also include visits to more modern attractions such as Martyrs' Square, where the Monument des Martyrs commemorates the Algerian War for Independence, which ended in 1962. Shaped in the form of three upright palm leaves sheltering the Eternal Flame beneath, the concrete monument also features three concrete soldiers, each representing a stage in the struggle for independence.

Another popular destination for Algiers travel is the Bardo Museum in Algiers. Housed in a former Turkish mansion, the Bardo Museum features archaeological exhibits, including some beautiful Roman mosaics, as well as fine arts exhibits and other interesting collections. Travelers interested in learning more about local culture and history will also be interested in the old Bibliothèque Nationale d'Alger, which was originally a Turkish palace, and the new and modern National Library.

The promenade along the waterfront, Che Guevara Boulevard, is a good place to view some nicely designed theatres, the Town Hall, law courts, Palace of the Governor, and even a casino. For some chic restaurants and stores, head to Didouche Mourade Street, which is another interesting place to walk in the heart of the city.

Travelers visiting Algiers Algeria will be able to find the full range of modern accommodation. Many hotels overlook the bay and have beautiful views of the ocean and the cliffs on the waterfront. A Hilton, a Sofitel, and Hotel Mercure are examples of American or European international hotel chains available to those looking for a hotel in Algiers. Algiers is also the business capital of the country, so many hotels are available to suit the business traveler.

An alternative to staying in a hotel in Algiers is to consider staying at a tourist resort just outside the city. West of Algiers on the Mediterranean coast there are several tourist resorts, including Sidi Fredj, Palm Beach, Douaouda, and Zéralda, which can be good places to catch some rays and relax for a few days during your vacation in Algeria.

Algiers Algeria


Algiers Algeria is the capital of the country, the largest city, and the fina...


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