Gaborone Botswana, the capital of this African destination, is located in the southeast and serves as the gateway to the rest of country. The majority of the population of Botswana is concentrated in and around the bustling city that houses the nation's government, and many people travel to Gaborone due to its prime location near the major wildlife parks, transportation access to the Okavango Delta, and its vibrant and diverse population. This city is one of the fastest growing in Africa, and with constant urban development, good exchange rates, semi-arid temperatures, and low crime rate, Gaborone tourism is increasingly popular.

During your travel to Gaborone, be sure to explore the culture of Botswana by walking the Main Mall. Visitors to this colorful city are sure to enjoy an afternoon spent browsing the shops and outdoor vendors situated along this main street. The Main Mall is also home to various banks, businesses, and architecturally interesting buildings. At the eastern end of the walk is the Civic Centre, home to Gaborone's public reference library. Opposite the Civic Centre is the Pula Arch, a commemorative arch that represents the country's gaining independence from the British Empire in 1966. The National Assembly, located at the other end of the Main Mall, is home to Botswana's government and a war memorial. Visitors can pick up a souvenir or two, observe daily life, and visit the historic independence arch all in one afternoon.

Kgale Hill is another popular spot in Gaborone. The hill is located on the western edge of the city and provides climbers with outstanding views of the city and the surrounding countryside. The three well-defined routes to the top are suitable for any climber whether you prefer a more strenuous hike or a leisurely route, and all take about two hours. There are baboons and black eagles that make their home on Kgale Hill, and there have even been sightings of leopards. If you're interested in enjoying the panoramic views and natural surroundings during your travel to Gaborone, be sure to include a hike up Kgale Hill on the itinerary.

The Gaborone Dam is also quickly growing into a popular tourist attraction. It is the largest man-made dam in Botswana and is surrounded by hills and woodlands. The Yacht Club is a great spot for visitors as it holds outdoor concerts, is equipped with a swimming pool, and is home to an open-air bar. For travelers who crave even more outdoor excitement, the St. Clair Lion Park is also a great way to enjoy the African landscape and wildlife. It is a natural sanctuary just a few miles away from the hustle and bustle of Gaborone city life. There is a lion reservation, picnic areas, outdoor activities, a children's playground, horse trails. and a restaurant and bar. Visitors to Gaborone Botswana will surely want to take a day trip to this peaceful reservation to learn about wildlife in the area and to soak in the beautiful African atmosphere.

There are various Gaborone hotels to choose from during your travel to Botswana's capital. The lodgings here range from luxurious suites to family-run guesthouses and lodges over-looking the sweeping woodlands. The great exchange rates make any of the Gaborone hotels affordable, no matter what budget you are traveling on. If you're looking for higher-end lodging, the Walmont Ambassador at the Grand Palm is a great option. It is centrally located, and each room is furnished with unique pieces and is air-conditioned, and the hotel houses its own swimming pool and fitness center. The Walmont also has a casino and offers easy access to the Gaborone International Conference Center. The Gaborone Sun Hotel is also another luxurious option for your accommodation. It offers posh rooms, a beautiful pool area, a casino, and a conference center. The Sun Hotel also has its own tour company that can set up half- and full-day tours for guests.

If you are looking for more modest accommodation, there are numerous Gaborone hotels that will suit your needs at a more appealing price. The Metcourt Inn at the Grand Palm Resort is an affordable three-star hotel that offers all of the basic comforts. The modern rooms are equipped with wireless internet, a private shower, and air-conditioning. Guests also have access to the amenities at the Grand Palm Resort, including the casino and the Gaborone International Convention Center. Guests will be quite comfortable in this reputable hotel that will not break the wallet. The Cresta President Hotel is also one of the more affordable Gaborone hotels. Its central location, comfortable rooms, hip lounge, and outside terrace all make this moderate hotel appealing to those looking for clean, safe accommodation.

Whether you are looking to spend a few days exploring Gaborone Botswana or are using it as a starting point for your trip through the rest of the country, this vibrant city will not disappoint. It provides visitors with a great mix of modernity and African culture that cannot be found elsewhere, and the array of attractions and proximity to surrounding woodlands and nature reserves attracts thousands of visitors each year, and the number is sure to keep growing.



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