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Located 310 miles west of Senegal, Cape Verde is an archipelago consisting of ten islands and eight small islets. Each island has its own traits that provide something different to visitors; Boa Vista Island is known for its excellent beaches whereas Santo Antao is great for hiking and trekking, and Santiago Island is known for its excellent surfing spots. Wherever you stay, the combination of outdoor activities and comfortable Cape Verde hotels virtually ensures a perfect holiday.

The finest Cape Verde islands hotels are located on Sal, Sao Vincente, and Santiago. These island hotels provide an excellent ambience to enjoy an adventurous trip. The city of Praia in Santiago is one of the key tourist destinations because of its vibrant nightlife and the colorful African markets and restaurants, and travelers seeking high-quality Cape Verde accommodation will find the Oasis Atlantico Priamar Hotel to be a very good option for spending vacations here. The hotel has a reputation for good facilities, eateries, and guest services, and the unique Panorama bar is an ideal place to enjoy the scenic views of the bay. The facilities inside the hotel include a large swimming pool with a jacuzzi, gym, and sauna. The central location of this Cape Verde accommodation allows travelers easy access to nearby markets to buy traditional African items, such as food, jams, and the famous Fogo wine, as well as explore other parts of the bustling city.

Located between Santiago and Brava is Fogo, which is also known to be a key tourist spot, due to the superb hiking trails on the island's Pico de Fogo Mountain. The island, however, has a relatively small number of good Cape Verde hotels, with Hotel Xaguate being the only true luxury establishment. This modern hotel is equipped with well-furnished rooms and boasts a spacious swimming pool, and the on-site restaurant is best known for its fine Portuguese cuisine and famous Fogo wines. Located in the upper part of the city of Sao Filipe, the hotel offers excellent views of the surrounding areas, including the volcano.

The best Cape Verde hotels are located near important tourist locales, and the high quality beaches of Sao Vicente and Sal are popular destinations. Thus there are several beach hotels in Cape Verde conveniently close to these beaches, which offer excellent windsurfing conditions. The small fishing town of Sao Pedro, on Sao Vicente, is a prime destination for both surfing and windsurfing, and its sandy beach is home to the tranquil Foya Branca hotel, which offers comfortable accommodations and great amenities. The hotel arranges diving, fishing, and horseback riding excursions in and around Sao Pedro. Foya Branca is good for families, especially kids, who are sure to enjoy spending time at the children's pool and the tennis court. There's also a giant chess board complete with life-size pieces, an additional attraction for guests of all ages.

One of the most popular islands among visitors to Cape Verde is Sal. With an excellent environment for surfing, windsurfing, and scuba diving, the beaches in Sal guarantee a pleasant vacation. The island is also home to some of the best luxury beach hotels in Cape Verde, such as The Morabeza. Situated close to the white sandy beach of Santa Maria, the hotel also has an excellent Scubateam Diving Club to help divers explore the waters off the island of Sal. The diving club is located 100 feet from the shore, and it offers equipment and diving courses to beginners as well as expert divers.

In addition to being one of the nicest, The Morabeza is also one of the oldest beach hotels in Cape Verde. Built in 1967, the hotel is owned by a Belgian family and boasts fine restaurants and a unique Bon Appétit dining option, which offers barbecue buffets each week and a sumptuous dinner at the nearby Les Palmiers restaurant on the first night your stay. In addition, the Surf Zone provides surfing lessons and equipment for beginners and experts alike, and it also organizes guided surfing, kite-surfing, and windsurfing safaris to Ponta Preta, an exposed reef and surf-break known for its consistent waves.

Whichever option you choose for Cape Verde accommodation, you're sure to have a wonderful trip to these beautiful islands. The endless opportunities for outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, and interesting mix of Portuguese and African culture combine to create a unique experience that is sure to have you planning a return trip.

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