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Egypt is one of those enchanting countries that hold marvelous mysteries of the past and plenty of opportunities for excitement and adventure. However, before you step through the pages of history to see the pyramids, you'll need to decide when and how you will arrive in the country, and then of course the next step would be to make the appropriate travel arrangements within Egypt and reservations for accommodations. There are several airlines that offer flights to Egypt from a variety of different continents, including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia; Cairo flights are among the most popular. Aside from Egypt flights, there are a number of ways to arrive, including by cruise ship or by land from elsewhere in Africa or the Middle East, but flying is the quickest and most convenient.

Established in 1932, EgyptAir is not only Egypt’s flag carrier and the first airline in the country, but it is also the seventh major airline in the world. It is based and operates mainly out of Cairo International Airport, which also supports a host of other major airlines from several parts of the world, including North America and Europe. Some of the major airlines originating in the United States include United, Northwest, and American airlines. London and New York are the two major hubs with direct Cairo flights, and if your final destination is elsewhere in Egypt, you can often take domestic flights, such as to Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea.

When entering the country, whether by Egypt flights or another route, most visitors are required to have some type of visa. Egypt has three types of visas, and they include the tourist visa, which is, of course, for those planning a visitor for purposes of tourism; an entry visa, for those visiting for business or other such purposes; and finally, the transit visa, for those who are just passing through. Travelers can obtain any one of these visas in a number of different ways, even on arrival at any major port of entry, but the safest and most logical time to get a visa is before you begin your trip at the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate, and by this means as well, there are a variety of ways, including online, through the mail, and in person.

Flights to Egypt offer several ports of entry, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, and Burg Al-Arab. Each of these cities has an airport as well as other varieties of entry from bus to boat. As the capital city, Cairo offers the largest airport with the highest number of carriers and international flights; these Cairo flights are the most abundant and oftentimes offer cheaper fares. The three major airports servicing Egypt flights are Cairo International (CAI), Borg Al-Arab (HBE), and Luxor Airport (LXR); at each of these airports, travelers can find all of the amenities commonly found at international airports from duty free shops to VIP lounges to shuttle services to various locations.

Planning any vacation requires thorough research and timely reservations, and booking early and finding vacation packages can often help you save money along the way. Cheap flights to Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor can readily be found on the flight search engines, for instance. Egypt Airlines is one of the oldest carriers in the world, and flights to Egypt are abundant and are often featured in packages and deals. Travelers will find a delightful array of things to do during their visit, from tours of the pyramids to a relaxing cruise along the Nile or snorkeling in Sharm el Sheikh. However and wherever you plan your trip to Egypt, you are sure to enjoy the marvelous history and charm of the country.



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