Cairo Airport

Your adventure to Egypt will most likely begin at the Cairo airport. This Egypt airport is considered to be one of the fastest growing airports in the Middle East, and recent renovations have added a new modern terminal with a wider range of amenities for travelers. You will be comfortable and safe at Cairo International Airport. The new terminal cost more than 50 million Egyptian pounds to build, and it doubled the passenger capacity. The Cairo airport is now capable of handling more than 22 million passengers annually.

Cairo now has the best Egypt airport for duty-free shopping. The expansion has created a spacious duty-free area, where international brands are on offer. This international theme will continue at the restaurants available in the Cairo airport. Expanded food and beverage options will include both local and international brands. Terminal 3 is easily accessible from other areas in the airport, so it is possible to enjoy these new options even if your flight lands in one of the original terminals.

Other major airports in Egypt include Taba International Airport and Luxor International Airport. Luxor is located in central Egypt and is a popular choice for visitors hoping to explore the Nile Valley. Taba is located in the north near the Gulf of Aqaba, a border crossing with neighboring Israel. Taba is best known as a vacation spot for both Egyptians and tourists, but is more of a place to pass through on travels within Egypt than an entry point into the country.

Many charter flights from Europe arrive at the international airport in Sharm el Sheikh. This popular beach resort has grown in popularity thanks to the accessibility of the airport. An especially popular destination for scuba-divers, this beach area along the Red Sea is worth a visit year-round. The airport in Hurghada is another popular choice for travelers looking to reach the various beach resorts along the Red Sea Riviera.

Of the nine airports in Egypt, Cairo International Airport is by far the most popular. Transportation from the airport into Cairo is easily available, with buses, taxis, and limousines available for hire. This Egypt airport is located fifteen miles northeast of the city center. Cairo has a population of more than 17 million, and there is plenty to see and do in this city before you continue elsewhere on your exploration of Egypt. Even if you’ve come to Egypt for the beach resorts or the pyramids, if you fly into Cairo it is worth spending a day or two exploring the city.

Banking facilities are available at Cairo International airport, as well as in the city center, and your hotel can help with banking arrangements if you didn’t get the chance to exchange money at the airport. With the addition of terminal 3, Cairo airport now receives flights from North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia every day. As the main gateway to the country, visitors are sure to benefit from the recent renovation of the Cairo airport and will no doubt find it an exceptional place to start a vacation in Egypt.

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