Alexandria Egypt, today the second largest city in the country, has played an important role in Egyptian history for what now seems like time immemorial. Not only has there been a city here since 300 BC, it was also the capital of the country for close to 1,000 years. It comes as no surprise, then, that travel to Alexandria Egypt is richly rewarded, with visitors flocking here from all over the globe to do organized or self-guided tours in Alexandria that soak up the city’s many heady attractions. For history and culture enthusiasts—and for those who just like to see fascinating things—Alexandria Egypt vacations and the local hotels come highly recommended. Few places in Egypt allow visitors to appreciate Egypt’s glory days of times gone by as this wonderfully atmospheric destination.

Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria Egypt has two extremely important archeological landmarks that continue to be the talk of the vacationers who visit here: the lighthouse of Alexandria and the library. Visitors would be wise to dedicate at least a couple of days to explore just these two standout attractions while indulging in travel to Alexandria Egypt.

Aside from this headlining twosome, there are plenty more historical monuments to be explored here, including the legendary Roman catacombs. Go to the catacombs early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the weather is cooler, and enjoy an isolated space that displays Roman and Egyptian iconography on its many walls. The cemetery of Mostafa Kamel is also a popular attraction for visitors, consisting of four tombs constructed in the second century BC. Each tomb is incredibly well-maintained.

The citadel of Qait Bey is another historical icon you’re recommended to visit when you travel to Alexandria. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it’s a living piece of history that’s situated next to one of the most important ports of the ancient world—few sights are more memorable in the entirety of Egypt. Other attractions that often occur on tours in Alexandria Egypt are Pompey’s Pillar, the Roman Theater, the Presidential Palace, Montaza Palace, and the Ras el-Tin Palace.

If you fancy more indoor-based exploration of Egypt’s past, heading to one of the great museums to be found here is a good way to pass the time. The Alexandria National Museum, for example, is one of the best in town, featuring more than 1,800 historical pieces.  Other interesting museums include the Greco-Roman Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Royal Jewelry Museum, and the National Institute for Oceanography & Fisheries.

Have spent a busy day touring Alexandria Egypt, the city's excellent restaurants are at hand to offer you, your tired legs, and your ravenous stomach some respite. Some of the best seafood restaurants in Egypt are to be found here, meaning Alexandria Egypt vacations are as monumental in terms of food as they are in terms of sights to see; don't miss out on a chance to sample the local cuisine when you travel to Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria Egypt vacations will also give you a feel for the typical Mediterranean climate that can be found here. Although the days can be extremely warm and humid, especially during summer, the weather is likely to get breezy and cool in the evenings. Winters are quite chilly with rain and hail not uncommon, which means, all in all, that spring and autumn are really the best times for Alexandria Egypt vacations.

Alexandria boasts two airports, so flying here is no problem at all. It is easily reachable by train, rental car, and bus as well, should you be traveling from a destination within the country such as Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, or Luxor. When you travel to Alexandria, you can get around using local transportation in the form of taxis, trams, and buses available along the Corniche, which is the main promenade to be found in the city.

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