Egypt Beach Resorts

The sandy coastline and fine opportunities for water sports have been luring travelers to Egypt beach resorts in increasing numbers since the 1980s. While luxury options such as the Four Seasons are available, a Red Sea resort can also be an affordable alternative to similar accommodation choices in popular European beach locations. Egypt beach resorts have sandier coastlines than their European counterparts and offer some of the best scuba diving in the world. With the development of international airports and frequent availability of charter flights to destinations such as Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, the best Egyptian beach resorts are now easily accessible as well.

Red Sea resorts in Egypt are blessed with year-round sun. With very few cloudy and rainy days, visitors arrive throughout the year (though in fewer numbers during sweltering August) to indulge in the offerings of the Red Sea Riviera. Many resort towns along the coast have been developed with the aid of international specialists, who designed the towns with visitors in mind. El Gouna and Taba Heights both are renowned for their architecture, aesthetic appeal, and dining options. The combination of these modern conveniences with the appeal of the sea makes staying at Red Sea resort a very attractive vacation option.

Any beach resort in Egypt is centered on the sea, with a variety of activities designed to get visitors on or into the water. World-class scuba diving draws water enthusiasts from across the globe, and many spend most of their holiday in the Red Sea Riviera beneath the water. A combination of tropical fish, coral reefs, and shipwrecks give this diving location an undeniable appeal. Red Sea resorts in Egypt also typically offer boating excursions to further enhance the diving options. Visitors can spend a day or several days on a boat with small groups led by an expert who will divulge the best diving locations.

Vacations to Egypt beach resorts can also be combined with excursions to explore the historical side of the country. Within a few hours, visitors can be gliding down the Nile on a river cruise or exploring the ancient city of Luxor. A Red Sea resort may entice you into never leaving however, as many of them offer all-inclusive packages. With accommodation and food taken care of, families are given the chance to truly relax. Many towns along the coast have a dine-around option as well, so visitors can experience what chefs throughout the resort area have to offer as part of their all-inclusive fee.

Red Sea resorts in Egypt have maintained their charm while providing modern conveniences. Of course some resort areas are more crowded than others, but with a bit of research you can find the perfect beach resort for your Egypt vacation. Some specialize in romance and are excellent honeymoon destinations while others offer a variety of activities, but all give visitors the time and opportunities to enjoy the warm Egyptian sun. Whether dining, water sports, or peaceful sunbathing is your desire for a Red Sea vacation, Egypt is sure to deliver.

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