Cairo Egypt

As well as being the country’s capital, Cairo Egypt is far and away the biggest tourist destination in this spectacular African nation. Situated on the Nile, it is steeped in history, as shown by its standout sites the legendary Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, which are the only Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence today. Cairo travel is consequently a massive part of the local economy, and the incoming vacationer will find no shortage of tourist provisions and facilities in place here to ensure their time spent exploring this magical city is as comfortable as it is wondrous.

Apart from the Pyramids and the Sphinx, Cairo vacations would be incomplete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum, which houses an immense collection of amazing Egyptian artifacts. The Citadel should also be high on your agenda for when you travel to Cairo, as should the Coptic Museum; both of these are found in the Old Cairo area. Other historical attractions include the Al-Azhar Mosque, the Ibn Tulun, the Hanging Church (or Church of the Virgin Mary), the Al-Azhar Park (overlooking the mosque), and the Cairo tower.

Aside from visiting those sites, which occupy the initial pages of any guidebook, there are many ways you can spend time during your vacation. For example, sitting back and relaxing over a strong Arabian coffee and a hookah pipe in a local coffee shop proves a great way to get to know the city and its locals during Cairo travel. Taking a ride on a felucca, a traditional wooden sail boat, on the Nile is also a great idea for an evening or two.

In terms of entertainment, the Cairo Jazz Club, the Cairo Opera House, the Egyptian Center for Culture & Art (MAKAN), The Culture Wheel, The Garden Theater, and The Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art all host regular music and dance performances for music which make for a cultured evenings spend during travel to Cairo. As for dining options, there are restaurants to fit every budget and traditional Egyptian food, as you’d rightly expect, may be found everywhere. Western food is also increasingly available, though those visiting Cairo Egypt on a budget should be warned that it can come at a premium.

November to March is widely considered the best time to travel to Cairo, as this is when the weather is at its most comfortable; temperatures during the summer can be extreme, to say the least. When planning your trip and packing your bags, it’s important to remember that the local culture is Islamic and that you’ll have to act accordingly. In theory, this means women (and to a slightly lesser extent men) should wear long sleeves and ankle-length skirts or pants. In truth, the high number of tourists who visit means local culture has adopted a more Westernized standard of modesty, but it’s still best to remember where you are and the norms involved while enjoying Cairo travel.

Cairo is easily reachable: Planes land at its international airport with metronomic regularity, while trains and buses from across Egypt convene here. Once you're arrived in the country, getting around the city is made easier by the serviceable metro system, taxis, and buses that ply routes to just about every corner of the place. As expected from a large-scale capital, there are Cairo hotels to suit all budgets, from modest hotels to five-star luxury suites, so you won’t lack for options when finding a place to stay during your time in Cairo Egypt.

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