Cairo Nightlife

Egyptians are a people who know how to celebrate life with or without the indulgence of alcohol. Many natives of the country are observant Muslims, and thus don't drink alcohol, so it may not be available everywhere, but visitors are more than welcome to imbibe a bit at various local clubs and bars that constitute the venues for nightlife in Egypt. Cairo nightlife is among the liveliest in the country; it takes place as a sort of ritual that begins as soon as the sun drops below the western horizon. Travelers can really gain experience with the local lifestyle and culture by catching some of the entertainment offered in Egyptian nightlife.

While there are many interesting cities throughout the country, including Alexandria, Aswan, and Luxor, Cairo is by far home to the largest selection of entertainment venues in Egypt. From baladi bars to sleek clubs, Cairo nightlife offers something for everyone. One of the most popular bars in Cairo is the Odeon Palace at the top of the Odeon Palace Hotel, which is open 24 hours. With an Oriental influence, this establishment maintains a sumptuous décor along with a breathtaking view of the city from the open terrace where guests can enjoy the night breezes. Another hotspot Cairo club is Latex at the Nile Hilton, known for its lively music and mixture of guests; this is a popular place among tourists.

At dusk, Cairo nightlife begins; everyone leaves their house and heads for the cafes and shopping areas to begin their socializing. Once the local gossip and catching up is completed, they can sit down for dinner and maybe a drink or two, and those bound for a Cairo club to dance and make merry will then head out to their establishment of choice. Whether or not alcohol is involved, Egyptians know how to have the best of times and celebrate in a grand way.

While clubs and bars are a popular way to enjoy an evening of entertainment with friends and lovers, there are no limitations here. Some other ways to enjoy a bit of nightlife in Egypt are a bit more subtle, including taking a sunset cruise along the Nile. During one of these Nile cruises, visitors may enjoy a Galabaya party in which traditional costumes are worn and lots of dancing takes place, including a contest to Egyptian music. If you are in the mood for dancing in Cairo, there are many options; most of the clubs offer a dance floor and a large selection of various types of music that will suit every taste.

While sightseeing and touring the countryside are delightful and exciting, they can not replace the adventure and intrigue of nightlife in Egypt, and there are plenty of clubs to suit a great deal of different tastes and desires. Visitors are not limited to a common night on the town, as there are myriad opportunities for a unique experience after hours, whether you're interested in Egyptian food, culture, or simply seeing a different side of Egypt's capital city in a Cairo club.

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