Egypt Car Rental

With horns adding to the myriad sounds of the city, driving rental cars in Egypt can be an experience that one will never forget. There are several car rentals in Egypt located in several cities, including Cairo. Visitors can choose between a well known establishment and local companies throughout the country. There are dozens of ways to get around during your travels, but if you are planning to drive during your Egypt vacation, you should get to know the rules of the road ahead of time.

The streets of the larger cities of Egypt are almost always packed like sardines, at nearly every time of the day. Travelers have several options available for getting around during a trip through the country, and though an Egypt car hire is among the first choice of visitors as well as the most obvious, it is not necessarily the safest route to travel in the cities. Those who have only one or two destinations can probably best traverse the area on foot, but pedestrians must beware of vehicles. There are tunnels and skywalks for crossing the road, and it would be wise to find and use these, as many drivers will speed up when they see people attempting to cross the road.

The driving regulations of Egypt roads are often regarded as mere suggestions. Traffic lights are almost always out of working condition; traffic police, instead, take their place, and can often add to the already existing confusion. Turn signals are not commonly used, and driving on any given highway in Egypt is as fast as can be, and if you stop and ask for directions, everyone will want to advise you, even if they haven't the foggiest as to how to get there.

Before hopping into an Egypt car rental and driving off to destination, there are several considerations to take into account. First and foremost, driving in Egypt can be hectic and often hazardous, especially around the larger cities, like Cairo and Alexandria. Even seasoned drivers have a difficult time in navigating the roads against drivers who pay little attention to traffic rules and regulations; to say the very least, it is quite an adventure. However, a popular option for car rentals in Egypt is to also hire a local driver, who can then help you navigate the streets as safely as possible and get you to your destination. Hertz, Budget, Avis, and Europecar can all be found in the larger cities along with the many local agencies for Egypt car hire.

Renting a car for travel between rural destinations may be more desirable for some travelers, but for those who prefer to avoid driving altogether, trains are a great way to travel over long distances, though some accidents have occurred on these lines. Another way to get around is by bus; there are several originating in Cairo, going to several different destinations around the country. Travelers are advised to avoid mini buses and tourist buses especially, as these are known to be very dangerous, but if there is any instance in which you ever in a bus with a reckless driver, you must make your demands that the driver slow down and let you off if it is safe. One of the safest, best, and most interesting travel options is a Nile River cruise; visitors can experience Egypt in a highly unique manner in addition to traveling from one end of the country to the other.

While vacationing in Egypt is a great idea, booking an Egypt car hire may not be the wisest of choices for getting around, especially if you're uncomfortable driving in a foreign country. One thing to remember when considering an Egypt car rental is that this country holds the record for highest rate of road fatalities per driven mile, so driving may pose an insurmountable challenge. The best choice is often public transportation or an Egypt car rental and a driver, to ensure that arrive comfortably and safely at whatever attractions you choose.



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