Dahab Egypt

Dahab Egypt had a wonderful makeover during the 1980s that transformed it from a fairly isolated village on the Egyptian coast into a world-renowned backpacker’s hangout. Since then, Dahab has consolidated its reputation as a budget traveler’s paradise that features the twin pulls of the beautiful, sandy Dahab beach and plenty of comfortable, cheap accommodation. Exuding a laid-back atmosphere and well-endowed in terms of affordable food, drinks, and an array of hotels, Dahab travel is all about taking it easy on the beach by day and then taking it even easier in a restaurant or bar come the evening.

In terms of tourism, Dahab is effectively split into two different areas. To the north is Assalah, an erstwhile Bedouin village that is now the epicenter of the town’s cheap accommodation. Medina, meanwhile, is situated to the south—more expensive and expansive hotels are starting to spring up here. When planning Dahab travel, it’s worth considering the many things to do in this Egyptian town; it may have a reputation for kicking back and taking things as they come, but dig down and there’s a surprising amount to see and do here.

Windsurfing, for example, is a major draw in terms of Dahab travel. One of the best places for this is the Lagoon, which is a stretch of sandy beach and blue sea that makes for perfect windsurfing and kitesurfing opportunities. Other outdoor activities that make a trip to Dahab worthwhile include scuba diving, climbing in the Sinai, horseback riding, and camelback riding. Adrenalin-pumping safaris are also available leaving from Dahab, with operators running quad bike trips out into the desert hinterland.

A trip to Dahab should also include a visit to St. Catherine's, a breathtaking monastery found on Mount Sinai, itself the destination of many tours and hiking trips. Closer to your Dahab hotel, meanwhile, is the Old Port also makes for a memorable few hours of exploration.

Trips to Dahab Egypt are as much about doing nothing as doing loads of things, however, and the savvy traveler will rightly allot at least a couple of their days spent here for relaxing on the beach and sitting around in cafes smoking a shisha pipe while sipping on strong black coffee.

Dahab is accessible via the airport in Sharm el Sheikh, but you’ll have to bargain with the cab drivers to get from the airport to the Sharm el Sheikh bus stop. A lot of hotels or guesthouses can arrange for you to be picked up, which is the best option if you want a quick and easy way to start your vacation in Dahab Egypt. During your trip to Dahab, you can get around easily using shared cabs, while getting around on foot is also easy enough, though beware of the midday sun in the summer. In terms of day trips, meanwhile, there are some excellent attractions near to Dahab Egypt, including Bedouin oases like the three pools of Wadi Gnay, a great destination for snorkeling and diving, and the oasis of Ain Khudra.



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