Egyptian Food

Egypt is one of the most intriguing places to visit, and the Egyptian cuisine is quite an experience it itself, as it draws some visitors almost as much as the Pyramids of Giza or the Valley of the Kings. Sampling the food in Egypt can take you on a journey just as adventurous as trekking through the desert and as delightful as cruising on the great Nile River from Cairo to Luxor.

Travelers planning a visit to Cairo should check out the Egyptian food found in the local restaurants and sold by street vendors. While world-renowned chains of familiar restaurants are available for those who like to stick with what they know, the local cuisine adds to the charm of the Egyptian experience. A complete vacation in Egypt not only consists of visiting ancient temples or the huge oases in this vast desert country, but it's also a chance to learn from a new perspective, and eating the food in Egypt is just one way to do just that.

Egyptian food is an exquisite experience that has been influenced by the comings and goings of different nations but has still remained uniquely Egyptian. When you taste the rich delights of the food in Egypt, you may taste that which was enjoyed centuries ago by great pharaohs, or you may taste food which has been influenced by other nations, from the traditional Arabian-style cuisine to ancient Mesopotamian.

Some of the local dishes include Ful Medames, which consists of crushed fava beans that have been cooked in a copper kettle and is served with bread and seasonings as garlic and chili. Ta'miya is another favorite in Egypt; it is most well known as falafel, though this version is made with fava beans instead of chickpeas. A huge variety of cuisines are represented in the foods of this country as well as a historical embodiment of the traditions; visitors will do well in sharing the same delectable foods that have been enjoyed for centuries.

The largest metropolises, including Alexandria, Aswan, and Cairo, offer the best of Egypt from attractions to activities to flavors. The Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan offers terrace dining overlooking the Nile; this is where Agatha Christi wrote Death on the Nile. Alexandria offers a host of restaurants of various ranges; for the cheapest fares, follow the locals into the family owned establishments; mid range restaurants are usually found in mall area, while the more elite establishments are located in five star hotels, such as Kala, Byblos, and Stefano's in the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel—these are among the most reliable.

Until recent times, Cairo restaurants have been obscure to the common traveler; they were either for the very rich or the very poor. The number of restaurants in this capital city has grown by leaps and bounds in the past several years, and today, visitors can find a great deal of restaurants and dining venues at any time during their visit. One of the most popular Cairo restaurants is Felfela, which is part of a chain located in several places throughout the city. Nearly every country is represented in the cosmopolitan array of foods found at the restaurants in Cairo, but a constant favorite remains the local Egyptian food.

While trying various types of foods can be a wonderful experience, it can become an adventure in more ways than one. Paying extra attention to the cleanliness of food and water would be a wise act for every traveler to any foreign country. Oftentimes, our bodies are vulnerable to bacteria with which we are unfamiliar, so be cautious about that which you eat and drink, and be prepared with vaccinations and medications before traveling.

A great deal of attractions draws visitors to Egypt, including the delightful food and its unique influences. Although once minuscule in number, Cairo restaurants have become an entirely new scene, where travelers can choose from a large selection of dining venues. Egypt is one of the most beautiful and historically rich places to visit, and visitors can step into the past while cruising along the Nile or just eating at local Egypt restaurants serving up delicious native cuisine.

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