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Often regarded as one of the top five travel destinations in the world, Egypt is filled with history, intrigue, and entertainment. Events and festivals in Egypt are plentiful and always teeming with tourists and locals alike. Egypt festival venues come in a great variety, ranging from music and entertainment to family fun to holidays—nearly any excuse to drop everything and celebrate life. Events in Egypt are spread throughout the year, and visitors are likely to find some celebration to suit everyone in the party during their trip, no matter when they go.

Cairo, the capital city, is a hot spot for Egypt events of every style and size. Some of the most popular festivals in Cairo include the Cairo International Film Festival, the Pharaohs Rally, and the Sphinx Festival. The Film Festival takes place over the course of ten days in November and features dozens of films by several different directors from all over the world; hundreds of people attend this festival every year. December is a great time to visit Cairo if you would like to experience the music, dance, and ancient art forms of the Sphinx Festival at Le Meridien Pyramids.

For sports and excitement, watch the spectacle of various vehicles, from motorcycles to quads to custom cars and trucks, racing through the desert on a course that is nearly 2,000 miles in length known as the Pharaoh's Rally (pictured), beginning and ending in Cairo; at the end of the race, the winners and stragglers alike come roaring in on their ragged vehicles. Each of these festivals takes place during the fall and winter months, but there are many more that take place in other seasons that are just as interesting and entertaining; Cairo is a great place to find entertainment such as an Egypt festival can offer.

There are plenty of events in Egypt that take place each year, and they often revolve around a certain theme, such as arts and music, family entertainment, sports, and culture. Lifestyle festivals, such as fashion, flower, and boat shows, are great ways to spend some time getting to know the local styles; some of these include the International Boat Show in February, the Flora Egypt Fair in January, and Le Marche in November, which is a home furnishings exhibition. If you are planning a visit to Egypt in the early part of summer, look for the International Yoga Festival in June at the Pyramids of Giza.

The Abu Simbel Festival held at the temple of the same name is an outdoor cultural event in October, and it's one of the more popular events in Egypt; many people gather at the temple to watch the gentle illumination of the statues of Ramesses, Ra, and Amun as the sun rises over the horizon. For other cultural Egypt events, those who are in the mood for music and dance are in luck if they visit the annual Pure Pacha, a grand music Egypt festival that takes place on December 31; this is one of the liveliest festivals of the year, featuring light shows and DJs at Sharm El Sheikh.

Travelers come to Egypt from every corner of the world for many different reasons, whether it's for a honeymoon along the Red Sea, a trip to the ancient pyramids, or an exciting taste of the local culture. Egypt events are one of the best ways to gain experience with local lifestyle, and they are certainly a welcome addition to the charm this great country has to offer.

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