Egypt Honeymoon

From strolling along secluded beaches to gazing at the pyramids, there are many options for things to do during a honeymoon in Egypt. For many couples, one of the appeals of planning an Egypt honeymoon is the affordability factor when compared to other destinations in Europe or the Caribbean. Luxurious accommodation, fine dining, spas, and outdoor excursions can all be planned at a fraction of the cost of other holidays. Beach resorts such as El Gouna and Makadi Bay that have developed since the 1980s were designed with honeymooners in mind and take advantage of a romantic environment along the Red Sea Riviera to provide couples with a memorable trip.

A Sharm el Sheikh honeymoon is a popular choice for newlyweds. Sharm el Sheikh is a lovely beach resort town on the tip of the Sinai peninsula, and it offers a wide variety of entertainment, dining, shopping, and beach activities. It is also home to a famous coral reef that draws scuba divers from across the globe. Other beach activities can fill a Sharm el Sheikh honeymoon as well, including snorkeling, sunbathing, wind-surfing, and parasailing. With five-star accommodation options, newlyweds won’t sacrifice any luxury when choosing Egypt as a honeymoon location. Egypt honeymoon packages and all-inclusive deals can help keep the cost of the trip affordable as well.

Another option for an Egypt honeymoon is a trip to Cairo. Wander the streets, markets, and temples of the ancient city of Cairo. Excursions to the nearby Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx are a highlight of all honeymoons in Cairo. Indulgences in the capital city also include fine dining and luxury accommodation. Many couples also choose to take a cruise on the Nile River during their trip. From daytime cruises to opulent dinner cruises, there are a variety of options to enjoy the views from the water, and a trip to the ancient city of Luxor can also be combined with this part of your honeymoon in Egypt.

If you’ve forgotten to do some shopping during your trip to Cairo, the new duty free shopping at the Cairo International Airport will ensure you will have gifts for loved ones at home. While Cairo is a major international gateway into Egypt, there are airports along the Red Sea as well that receive many chartered flights each day to cater to people on holidays. The year-round sun of the Red Sea Riviera ensures that no matter what time of year your wedding is, your Egypt honeymoon will be accompanied by warm breezes and strong sun, though you may want to avoid traveling to Egypt during August, when the temperatures often exceed 100 degrees.

A honeymoon in Egypt can easily combine some relaxing beach time with excursions to historical attractions such as temples and the Valley of the Kings. Domestic flights within Egypt make this an easy possibility, or you may choose to rent a car and add more destinations during your stay. Whatever else you choose to do, if you plan a Sharm el Sheikh honeymoon, it is essential to give scuba diving a try. A variety of scuba schools have lessons and equipment for all levels, and some have special chartered boats just for couples. Make this once in a lifetime trip something to truly remember, with the perfect combination of romance, cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and unforgettable attractions.

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