Mount Sinai Egypt

Mount Sinai Egypt, also known as Mount Musa and Mount Horeb, is a biblically important mountain found in the Sinai Peninsula. Along with St Catherine’s Monastery, which sits at the foot of the peak, Mount Sinai Egypt is one of the most popular spots for visitors to this part of Africa. And it’s easy to see why: Not only is the mountain pretty spectacular, it’s seeped in a unique history that makes it a site for religious as well as sightseeing travelers.

Mount Sinai Egypt stands just over 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) tall, a rocky giant situated close to St Catherine City, which, with a population of only around 4,000, is more like a town. The name means Mount of God, referring to the mountain’s biblical heritage, which has it as the place where God talked to Moses, bestowing upon him the Ten Commandments. In fact, the actual location of the biblical incarnation of Mount Sinai is debated, with various scholars believing the mount we today point to be a different peak than referred to in the Bible. Nonetheless, it remains a strong pilgrimage site, thanks in part to St Catherine’s Monastery, which is to be found here.

The monastery, also referred to as the Mount Sinai Monastery, is a fantastic, fortress-like building that you come across just before beginning the climb up to the top of the mountain. A UNESCO-recognized Greek Orthodox site of worship and devotion, it’s widely considered the world’s oldest working Christian monastery, dating back to around 300 AD. The monastery holds many claims to religious significance, the most noteworthy of which is the green bush to be found in its walls, which is said to be the very same bush Moses saw burning, as told in the Bible.

For tourists visiting St Catherine’s Monastery, a few sites in particular stand out, such as the Church of St Catherine; Moses’ Well, where Moses purportedly met his wife for the first time; and a splendidly library, though you’ll need special permission to enter. The Mount Sinai Monastery opens from 9-12 in the morning to visitors, who are politely reminded to respect the religious overtones of the complex and behave accordingly.

Tour Mount Sinai and you get to experience both the mountain itself and St Catherine’s Monastery in one organized trip. There are many such tours available, with the more enjoyable ones starting off overnight so as to watch the sun rise over the Mount Sinai monastery. There are two trails up to the top of the mountains (one is significantly harder than the other), and reaching the top is rewarded not only with awesome views but also the chance to explore a small Greek Orthodox cathedral which is located here.

The nearest transportation and tourist hub to Mount Sinai Egypt is Dahab, which is two hours away. A further hour’s drive away is the city of Sharm el Sheikh, itself a popular tourist destination thanks to its excellent diving opportunities. Riding horses and quad bikes are other adrenaline-pumping activities to be done while visiting the peninsula on a trip to Egypt.



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