Egypt Museums

Of all the Egypt museums, the most popular is home to the famous King Tut gold mask and sarcophagus. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo displays more than 120,000 artifacts from the ancient civilization and is an excellent stop for travelers interested in the history of the region. This Cairo museum has by far the most extensive display of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world. During one visit it is impossible to see everything, but all visitors should make sure they see the King Tut exhibit. The top floor of this museum in Egypt also contains The Mummy Room, where the mummies of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs are on display.

Egypt museums are dominated by the museum of Egyptian antiquities in Cairo. Many visitors enter Egypt by the Cairo International Airport, and for those spending a few days in the city before continuing their exploration of the country, this is an excellent attraction to visit. For people who are interested in the ancient Egyptian civilization, this museum serves as a great introduction. Many visitors choose to see the famous Cairo museum before moving on to tour temples such as those at Abydos and Dendera, the Giza pyramids, or the Valley of the Kings. Tours of the Nile River are also enhanced by a background of the culture provided by the most famous museum in Egypt.

Another of the best museums in Egypt is the Coptic Museum. In Coptic Cairo this museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian Christian artifacts found anywhere on the globe. Anyone with an interest in how Christianity developed in Egypt will be fascinated by the art and artifacts of this museum. These works were once on display at the Egyptian Museum, but in 1939, the Christian antiquities were moved to the Coptic Museum. A mixture of cultures can be seen in these pieces, and influences from Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Ottoman, and of course Egyptian traditions can be seen throughout the museum. About 15,000 items are on display at this Cairo museum.

Another interesting museum in Cairo can be found in the Islamic district. This district is known for its winding alleys and beautiful mosques, and it is also home to the Gayer Anderson Museum, the restored Ottoman home that was featured in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Museums are an essential element of any visit to Egypt, as exhibits are expertly designed to provide visitors with a background knowledge of the history of the country, so you can best enjoy your vacation, no matter what other attractions you choose to see.

There are many other Egypt museums to explore during your visit as well. If you are spending an extended period of time in Cairo, other options for museums include a military museum, a museum of Islamic art, and a museum of Egyptian Railways. Other areas of the country also have important museums that are worth a visit, including the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria. Along the Red Sea Coast in Hurghada is a Marine Museum, which makes an educational supplement to the unparalleled diving opportunities found in the region and offers an unusual chance to combine a visit to a museum in Egypt with other activities.

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