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Nile River tours reveal a different perspective to the temples and ancient cities that line the banks. The success of the entire civilization of ancient Egypt was dependent on the Nile River and its contributions to agriculture. There are many options for Nile tours, depending on the level of luxury and time of day you were hoping to sail down the river. Options are also available for a Nile tour in Egypt that includes other ancient sites. For instance, spend three days sailing the Nile, followed by excursions to popular sites including temples, pyramids, and ancient cities. From the boat you will see both the landscape of Egypt and the remnants of its ancient civilization. If you are looking to tour the Nile in style, there are five-star luxury options as well. Book a suite aboard a ship to enjoy black tie receptions and room service.

Other Nile Tours include more casual cruises that maintain a high level of service, but the rooms typically aren’t as luxurious. Nile River tours are also available for families, and some boats specialize in entertainment for children. Excursions from the boat ensure that you don’t miss any of the antiquities as you cruise the smooth waters. Combining a Nile tour in Egypt with a land tour offers the best of both worlds. With a few days to cruise and a few days to explore areas on land in depth, passengers gain a more comprehensive understanding of the country. For example, a visit to the famous Luxor Temple is sure to be a highlight for any trip down the Nile. From small boats to large cruise liners, visitors to Egypt will have many chances to get out on the Nile.

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