The Nubia Museum

The Nubia Museum in Aswan, Egypt stands out as one of the very best museums visitors to the land will find. And, on the basis that Egypt boasts an array of excellent museums, including the Mummification Museum and the Luxor Museum, to name but a few, that’s really saying something. If you happen to be in or around the city, visiting the Nubian Museum at Aswan should be one of the very first things you plan to do.

The Nubia is an area in the south of Egypt that eventually segues into neighboring Sudan. The Nubian Museum looks at the culture of this area, tracing it along a timeline that runs from 2000 BC to the present day. Spread across three floors in a massive building that rises out of Aswan’s sand, this is an eminently impressive museum that matches well the wide scope of its subject matter.

Standout exhibitions at the Nubian Museum include granite carvings of the head of King Shabatka and the head of King Taharqa, as well as a tenth-century Byzantine fresco that pictures Christ surrounded by four evangelical symbols.

The Nubian Museum at Aswan is also well known for its simply outstanding grounds. Set on some 70,000 square feet of land, the grand-looking buildings are well complemented by beautiful gardens, which have been heavily sculpted and maintained to represent many aspects of Nubian life throughout the ages. Walking around these gardens is one of the best things to do at The Nubia Museum; it offers a relaxed learning experience that’s accessible for all the family, regardless of age.

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