Pyramid Tours

Pyramid tours are centered on bringing visitors to the various areas throughout Egypt where pyramids have survived the test of time. While most tours include a trip to the largest pyramids in the world at Giza, some tours are designed around providing visitors with a comprehensive chance to view different locations of pyramids across the country, though it simply isn't possible to visit all the pyramids in one trip to Egypt.

Many of the structures now resemble hills rather than man-made pyramids. Yet an Egypt pyramids tour can help visitors understand the progression of the structures and how the famous pyramids in Giza came to be. From step pyramids such as Djoser's pyramid to the famous pyramid of Khufu, guests of a pyramid tour in Egypt will have a greater understanding of their development. Some tour operators, depending on their size and the pyramid site requested, can attain tickets beforehand for their groups. Other locations require each individual visitor to purchase a ticket if they want to see the inside of the structure, as only a limited number of people per day are allowed inside. If you want to tour the pyramids, be sure to arrive early to make sure you’re on of the people allowed in.

Pyramid tours include explorations of sites beyond Giza. Saqqara is the location of the famous step pyramid of Djoser. This pyramid is known as the grandfather of the other, better-known sites. An Egypt pyramids tour may also stop in Dahshur, a pyramid field close to Cairo. Other historical monuments may be featured during this type of tour, including temples and tombs. Visiting all three of these types of ancient relics will help visitors to interpret what type of people the ancient Egyptians were. Attitudes toward the afterlife, worshipping rituals, and religious life are all revealed through these monuments.

Many visitors come to Egypt to tour the pyramids and miss out on other things the country has to offer; though they are an excellent historic attraction, there are plenty of other tour types that are worth including during an Egypt vacation, including trips down the Nile River and safari tours. Tours of Cairo also offer chances to see different parts of the city, including the Khan el Khalili market and the Egyptian Museum.

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