Egypt Safari

An Egypt desert safari is a great way to escape modern life and see the natural beauty of this part of North Africa. Spending a night sleeping under the stars, far away from the fast pace of regular days, travelers will find relaxation in the deserts of Egypt. An Egypt safari can take place on a camel or in the back of a jeep, at whatever pace you would prefer.

Oasis tours in Egypt refer to five very special locations within the country. The word oasis is derived from an Egyptian word (from the Coptic "Waha") and each of the five spots has its own unique character. A safari in Egypt teaches visitors to coexist more peacefully with nature, as civilizations have been doing on this land for thousands of years. Oasis tours in Egypt will help visitors find this tranquility in five main locations: Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, and Siwa. The oases are in the desert to the west of the Nile Valley and have been inhabited for thousands of years. Experienced guides will make the best of your time in the desert, ensuring a memorable adventure experience.

If you’re looking for an Egypt safari that is centered on wildlife, there are tours to reveal this side of the desert as well. From camels to snakes to desert foxes, an Egypt desert safari is sure to reveal all the wildlife the country has to offer. Choose from packages of one-day tours or multiple days including camping. If you’re interested in seeing the desert both from the top of a camel’s hump and the back of a jeep, there are tours that allow you to do both. The desert is just beyond the fertile valleys of the Nile, and a trip to the country wouldn’t be complete without seeing this river.

If you’re especially interested in wildlife, some of Egypt’s most famous wildlife can be found beneath the Red Sea. The coastline is famous for its scuba diving and the variety of marine life that can be seen along the tropical reefs in destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh, a popular beach resort on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.



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