Sharm el Sheikh Egypt

In recent years Sharm el Sheikh Egypt has emerged as one of the most alluring tourist destinations found anywhere in the country, and as Egypt already heralds an array of heady attractions such as the Valley of the Queens and the cities of Aswan and Cairo, that’s really saying something. But then, Sharm el Sheikh is indeed a place that has a lot to say for itself.

Sharm el Sheikh started life as a small fishing town before burgeoning after the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1979. Since then, so many peace conferences have been held here it’s become known semi-whimsically as the City of Peace. By the mid-80s, Sharm el Sheikh travel was really on the rise, with the Egyptian government investing time and money into the area’s nascent tourist industry. Today, Sharm el Sheikh Egypt is a modern town with great sights and opportunities for near-unlimited fun.

Among the standout attractions of Sharm el Sheikh travel are the city’s beautiful beaches, which are breathtakingly clean, clear, and welcoming. These beaches also offer a range of water activities: Sharm el Sheikh Egypt is currently considered one of the best spots for scuba diving and snorkeling on the planet. For diving enthusiasts, trips here would be incomplete without a dive into the Tiran or the Ras Mohammed, two of the best local diving spots blessed with a plethora of rare fishes. Sharm el Sheikh vacations that revolve around diving are easy to organize, thanks to the many dive tour operators and equipment rentals shacks to be found around the city.

If you fancy the idea of getting your adrenaline pumping on a trip to Sharm el Sheikh but don’t necessarily think diving is the way to go about it, parasailing proves a more-than-tempting alternative. Away from the water, meanwhile, quad biking is another popular thing to do that features on many itineraries for Sharm el Sheikh vacations. The sands that surround the town make for the perfect setting as you speed around on a small four-wheeled vehicle.

Apart from the various attractions associated with the beach in Sharm el Sheikh, the city’s lively nightlife is a regular draw for visitors. The Na’ama Bay is considered the nerve centre of the city, and it makes for the perfect nighttime hangout for those backpackers and vacationers enjoying the type of Sharm el Sheikh travel that’s happy to indulge the finer points of life. Crammed with excellent restaurants, bars, and even some great nightclubs, the Na’ama Bay is without doubt the place to go after sundown.

If all this activity sounds a little on the tiring side, don’t worry: There’s a rich café culture in Sharm el Sheikh, and you can do much worse than to hole up in one of its most-frequented establishments and watch the world go by. After all, Sharm el Sheikh vacations are all about kicking back and enjoying yourself, and what better way to do so than with a glass of fresh guava juice in your hand?



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