Siwa Egypt

Siwa Egypt is one of the very many great destinations to be found in this wondrous North African country. Unlike places such as Cairo and Luxor, which cater for the complete tourist repertoire, from snap-happy weekend trippers to museum-going month-long visitors, Siwa Egypt is more of a specialized destination, offering vacationers an isolated and environmentally friendly look into traditional Berber way of life. Situated in the giant Siwa oasis, this is a destination perfect for those who like to trace routes less visited by the masses.

One of the reasons that the Siwa oasis in Egypt can be considered off-the-beaten-track is its location; far out of the west of the country, this Siwa oasis is only a few hours' drive from Libya. That puts it a long way from the Nile, around which the majority of Egypt’s headlining attractions are situated. Part of the fun of visiting here is the isolation afforded by such a location—you really feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere as you approach Siwa Egypt, normally by bus or rental car or jeep.

It should be mentioned at this point that you shouldn’t expect the Siwa oasis in Egypt to rise out of the dusty landscape like a heaven-sent mirage. This is no small-time palm-fringed watering hole; rather it’s a massive area of olive trees and date palms that eventually give way to a lake as you enter the center of the bowl. Don’t let that put you off, however: Dig down into the area (metaphorically speaking) and the Siwa oasis is just as enchanting and enigmatic as any cartoon-like notion of what an oasis should comprise.

Aside from wondering around and enjoying the landscape of olive groves and sandy brick buildings, there are some outstanding tourist attractions to be found here. For example, the Temple of the Oracle has been impressing visitors for centuries. Located in the village of Aghurmi, it dates back to 1300 BC, when it was constructed in dedication to the ancient Egyptian god Amun. Today what’s left is basically crumbling brick ruins, but that doesn’t detract from the mysticism of the place. And, when you think that it’s been around for about 2,300 years now, you realize it’s done well to stay intact for so long.

Visitors to the Siwa oasis in Egypt also make a kind of modern pilgrimage to Taghaghien Touristic Island, which appeals to many simply because it’s one of the few places in the Siwa oasis where alcohol is readily available. Situated within a couple of hours' walking distance of Siwa Town (if you do take the walk on, do it early in the morning, as things get hot come midday), it’s a small and relaxed place that basically consists of a few hotels, some restaurants, and a lot of people relaxing as they sip on a cold glass of beer.

Siwa Egypt is connected to other parts of the country such as Cairo and Aswan by long-haul bus trips. Tour operators also run routes that whisk you around Siwa and other headlining things to do in Egypt. If you're looking for a unique attraction to add to your itinerary, it's worth visiting Siwa as well as the pyramids, tombs, and temples.

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