Egypt Snorkeling

A popular alternative to scuba diving in the Red Sea is Egypt snorkeling. While scuba requires lessons and knowledge about oxygen tanks, diving depths, and breathing techniques, going for a snorkel in the Red Sea doesn’t require any previous knowledge. In addition, beach resorts along the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula will all offer snorkel equipment, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own from home. This area of Egypt has grown substantially in the past 30 years, as people have discovered the beauty of the tropical reefs, marine life, and shipwrecks that abound beneath the surface of the Red Sea.

Sharm el Sheikh snorkeling is the most popular in Egypt. Located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh was transformed from a tiny fishing village to a major beach destination and snorkeling attraction. It lures visitors from across the globe for scuba diving opportunities, but Egypt snorkeling is just as popular. Nearby is Ras Mohammed Marine National Park, another popular location for scuba and snorkeling. Luckily, local experts can reveal the best locations where fish and colorful coral bound. Egypt snorkel tours are also popular along this entire coast and have the benefit of bringing you to multiple locations in one day, with a sail in between.

A trip planned around Sharm el Sheikh snorkeling also provides visitors with the benefits of a developed beach town. Entertainment, nightlife, and fine dining are all available at this region of the peninsula no matter when you go, and Egypt snorkeling has grown in popularity because of year-round good weather. August is the only very hot month of the year, but if you are planning to be in the water much of the time and don’t mind temperatures lingering around 100 degrees, then you may be able to find discounts on accommodation and flights. Your snorkel in the Red Sea might be less crowded during this time as well.

Many visitors come to Egypt for the pyramids, temples, and ancient history, and some are surprised to learn upon arrival of the legendary beaches and water activities on offer as well. The chance to snorkel in the Red Sea has sparked an interest in underwater life for many visitors. It is possible to begin your trip with snorkeling and advance to lessons in scuba. Once you begin to explore coral and marine life, it is a natural progression to want to swim deeper, granting access to more sights. Scuba schools are plentiful along this coast, and private boats are available to hire for a day or even multiple days, to see the best of what the Red Sea Riviera has to offer.

If you plan on Sharm el Sheikh snorkeling, don’t forget the sunscreen. The powerful Egyptian sun lures foreigners to its shores and can be stronger than anticipated. If you'd like to take a break from the snorkel mask, other water activities are available as well, including wind surfing and parasailing. The perfect destination for families and honeymoons, many resorts along the Red Sea are all inclusive, often including the rental of snorkel equipment, but don't forget to bring an underwater camera to capture these exotic creatures in their natural habitat.



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