Taba Heights

Taba Heights is an accessible beach resort located just twenty miles from Taba International Airport. Taba Egypt offers year-round sun and three miles of secluded beaches, making it an excellent destination for an Egypt vacation to the coast.  The Sinai mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to Taba holidays along the Red Sea, and visitors can choose from a range of lodging and activities, including options for water sports such as scuba diving.

Designed with the vacationer in mind, Taba Heights offers a town center with a range of activities of its own. Uniform architecture and the soft glow of lanterns bring a relaxed feeling to the town, and guests can choose from golf, dining, water sports, or sunbathing during their visit. Hotels in Taba offer a range of accommodation options, from lavish five-star resorts to more modest choices. An international team of specialists designed Taba Heights to be a full resort experience, with everything a visitor could need in one place.

A beach resort in Taba is also a great place to dine. Different cuisine options and a dine-around package make it easy for visitors to sample the offerings of different chefs and hotels, no matter where they stay. The soothing natural colors of the buildings allow the striking mountains and blue sea to stand out to the eye.

The architecture of hotels in Taba is just the beginning of the aesthetic experience however, as much of the action occurs beneath the surface of the water. Whether you are an expert diver or looking to begin to develop your skills, Taba Heights offers classes, lessons, and certifications to visitors. If you aren’t feeling this adventurous, snorkeling gives you a glimpse of the tropical fish and reefs that live beneath the surface of the Red Sea. Taba Egypt is a great starting point to explore the ancient side of Egypt as well, and many historic attractions can be reached within a few hours, assuming you're willing to leave the beautiful sand and sea of Taba Heights for a day.

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