Egypt Tours

Egypt tours are a great way to see the relics of ancient Egypt, the marine life under the surface of the Red Sea, or the exotic wildlife around the country. With transportation and accommodation taken care of on some of the larger organized tours, visitors can sit back and enjoy pleasures of Egypt. Cairo tours are another popular option, as having a guide lead you through the labyrinth of the old section of the city may allow you to see the most in the shortest amount of time. Expert guides with local knowledge can also point you in the direction of great dining, museums, and temples.

If you want to tour Egypt, you can choose one specific activity, such as scuba diving, or see the many sides of the country during one visit. It is possible to be snorkeling with the marine life of the Red Sea one day and visiting the Luxor Temple the next. Many beach resorts along the Red Sea Riviera entice visitors away from tours with their all-inclusive deals. Tourists can decide whether or not to take excursions for a day away from the coast, while enjoying the affordability of an all-inclusive resort, which is a particularly popular option for honeymoons.

Egypt sightseeing tours typically include the highlights of the country. This usually means Cairo tours are included, before heading out of the capital city to see the pyramids at Giza. A tour of the Nile is a popular choice as well, with options from luxury cruises with fine dining to small private boats for a sunset sail. The length of tours ranges, but tours reaching over ten to fourteen days can include other sights such as tours to Luxor, Alexandria, or the Red Sea Riviera. The growth of airports along the coast allows for efficient transportation within the country as well, making it possible to include more attractions in a single tour package.

The highlight of most Egypt tours is the massive pyramids at Giza, so make sure the tour you choose allows for sufficient time at this beautiful site. Another popular attraction for Egypt tours is the tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings. There are many other tombs in this area as well, and though the tomb of King Tut isn’t the most impressive visually, it has an interesting history and is worth a visit. One benefit if you want to tour Egypt with a group is the arrangement of tickets ahead of time. Many tour companies arrange for times and a certain number of tickets to visit busy sights even during peak periods, granting you access without waiting in long lines.

Cairo tours can range in size from a large organized group to a small group wandering through the markets and other city attractions. This option may help you to get the best of the famous Khan el Khalili market, as experts know which areas have the most affordable, quality products. This way to tour Egypt lets you in on the inside information, including details restaurants and shopping, while ensuring your safety as well. With ease of transportation, tickets, and accommodation, a tour of Egypt delivers an unforgettable vacation.

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