Egypt Transportation

The availability of Egypt transportation allows the ambitious traveler to see the many faces of the country. Many flights will arrive at the international airport in Cairo, and transport into the city is readily available in the form of taxis or buses. Many visitors choose to spend a few days exploring Cairo and its many museums and markets, such as the famous Khan el Khalili. Small tours are also available to guide travelers through Cairo if they choose. To see other parts of the country, the best place to depart from is Cairo. From the capital city, it is possible to use Egypt trains, buses, or domestic flights to see sights elsewhere.

The Red Sea Riviera is a popular destination in Egypt. Airports in the coastal towns have developed in recent years, and Egypt Air provides domestic flights from Cairo to many tourist destinations along the coast. These flights allow travelers to see both Cairo and the nearby pyramids in Giza, along with the towns along the Red Sea and the beautiful beaches. Domestic flights are surprisingly affordable, so if you'd like to see a lot of Egypt during one trip, look into the daily offerings of Egypt Air.

Taking a bus in Egypt is the most affordable way to travel around the country. If you are departing from Cairo, you will have many options for taking a bus in Egypt to other tourist destinations. Tourist buses are traditionally air conditioned and reasonably comfortable. Popular destinations for buses include Luxor, Alexandria, El Gouna, and Hurghada.

Egypt trains can be a comfortable way to travel as well. It is recommended to travel first class, which guarantees air conditioning and access to food. While the train may be a bit more expensive than buses, they may also be slightly more comfortable. This form of Egypt transportation also offers sleeper cars. You can save yourself the cost of a hotel room for the night by booking a sleeper car for long distance travel. If traveling overnight, Egypt trains are certainly more comfortable than buses. It is always a good idea to make reservations in advance, though trains are plentiful; trains from Cairo to Alexandria, for example, leave every hour.

If you’d like to explore the coastline of the Red Sea, taking an Egypt ferry is an option. The beautiful coastline provides endless views along your journey, and is a great opportunity for less adventurous travelers to get out on the water. A popular ferry route is from Hurghada on the mainland to Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula. Ferries will help travelers to see many sides of the Red Sea Riviera affordably, or a bus in Egypt also will connect these coastal towns, though taking advantage of the ferries is sure to offer a more sight-filled journey.

Egypt transportation can also include organized tours. Travel agents can plan your itinerary and provide transportation to remove all the hassle from organizing your Egyptian adventure. Some of these tours will take advantage of the Egyptian railways, while most will use buses to bring visitors to different historical sites. Some tours also include a cruise on the Nile River, and the opportunity to see the many towns and temples along its shores.

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