Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens is one of those attractions that make a vacation to Egypt unforgettable. A massive expanse that once served as the burial ground for the country’s dead queens and their children, the Valley of the Queens Egypt is one of the most impressive sites to be seen while touring the country.

Heralding around 80 tombs, including the famed tomb of Nefertari, it’s almost hard to know where to start when it comes to exploring the Valley of the Queens. Most, however, make a beeline to Nefertari’s Tomb—it’s probably the most famous of the many to be found here. Queen Nefertari was the wife of Ramesses the Great, and her fame, both today and in Ancient Egyptian times, is outdone only by that of Cleopatra. Consequently, it comes as little surprise that the tomb of Nefertari is lavishly decorated, both inside and out. Visitors here can enjoy an impressive amount of access to the tomb, thanks to extensive restoration work done during the latter decades of the twentieth century.

Aside from the tomb of Nefertari, other noteworthy people buried here include Queen Titi, who’s believed to be the Queen of the Twentieth Dynasty, which was in place around 1100 BC. That Queen Titi’s tomb remains in the state to be found today is all the more remarkable for the fact that tomb robbing became a massively popular activity around the time of her death.

Another important figure entombed in the Valley of the Queens Egypt is Amenhikhopeshef, who was the son of Ramesses III. Amenhikhopeshef died before reaching adolescence; scenes depicted on the walls of his tomb show his father handing him over to various gods including Thoth and Ptah for protection.

The Valley of the Queens is located on the West Bank of Luxor, once known as Thebes, close to its sister site, the Valley of the Kings. Luxor is, of course, packed with immense attractions for the incoming tourist, so you’ll have plenty to do even after fully exploring the Valley of the Queens Egypt. For example, the Luxor Museum is widely held as one of the country's greatest historical exhibitions; it may not be jam packed with artifacts, but those that are housed here rank as some of the most important to be discovered in Egypt’s illustrious history. Similarly, the Mummification Museum makes for a great day trip out, with exhibits here designed to school visitors in the practice and process of mummification.

Thanks to these headlining tourist attractions, Luxor is certainly not lacking when it comes to tourist provisions. You’ll find plenty of excellent Luxor hotels, along with an array of tourist operators looking to whisk you around the city’s memorable parts. As ever when booking a tour, make sure you look into it fully and check it against other operators both in terms of price and what’s included in the itinerary.

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