When to go to Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest sites of human settlement in the world, dating back to about 700,000 years ago, and many travelers may want to visit this part of the world to learn about ancient history and see the amazing historic sites, such as the pyramids, but the question arises of when is the best time to visit Egypt. Most people tend to take their major vacations during the summer; however, this may be a time to avoid travel to Egypt because of the hot weather in North Africa.

On the other hand, winter, though quite pleasant in the south of Egypt, can be a bit intimidating in the northern part of the country. All around, if you are deciding when to go to Egypt, the best seasons are the spring and fall. The country hosts plenty of holidays throughout the year, and these are something to be on the lookout for when planning your vacation—you just might catch a fantastic festival or celebration during your visit.

The seasons in Egypt are pretty consistent from year to year; the summer can be sweltering and is best avoided by some travelers, as sightseeing may be limited to indoor attractions such as the many museums, while the most spectacular sights are outside, often in the desert. Although, if your Egypt trip centers on scuba diving or other activities at Red Sea resorts such as Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, the summer might be perfect. While the northern part of the country can be chilly in the winter, the south and destinations such as Aswan experience somewhat milder weather, making them popular places to visit during the colder months.

Spring and autumn are the most popular seasons for an Egypt trip because they offer moderate temperatures appropriate for the scores of outdoor activities available for people that travel to Egypt, such as camping, diving, and visiting the temples and tombs, but be aware that these are the peak seasons for tourist travel, from February to April and September to November, and prices for accommodations, flights, and tours may be subsequently higher. To avoid the crowds, one might consider an Egypt trip during the winter months or at other times during the shoulder season, just before or after most of the year's tourists start flowing in for the pleasant weather and excellent opportunities for sightseeing.

There are numerous factors to consider while planning when to go to Egypt, and those may include the local holidays and events. Many of the religious holidays are difficult to pinpoint, because they run on a lunar calendar rather than a solar calendar, but they can be quite an experience if you are in the area during one of these celebrations, though bear in mind that advance arrangements are a must, since the working day is significantly shortened on these special holidays and other services may be limited.

Travel to Egypt can be an altogether wonderful experience, from bathing in the Red Sea to scaling the Pyramids of Giza, and no matter where you choose to go, you're sure to come home with lasting memories. Considering when to go to Egypt is only the first step in planning a trip to one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

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