Kenya has been the subject of many works of art and literature, and without question, the memoirs and the movie Out of Africa have inspired many to dream of Kenya vacations, but even if you haven't read the book or seen the movie, Kenya is calling. Kenya travel is an amazing thing. Few countries can even dream about matching the Kenyan experience, and should you be fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday in Kenya, you will likely be the envy of many. At least you should be. Boasting bold landscapes, excellent beaches, world-class safaris, and so much more, Kenya is happy to share its bounty with outsiders. Speaking of sharing, you'll be sharing the Kenyan countryside with some of the most impressive animals on the planet during Kenya trips, and viewing them in the wild is about as ideal as a travel pursuit could ever be.

On your trip to Kenya Africa, it is imperative that you book at least a one-day safari. If you have the time, a multi-day safari is always a welcome endeavor, and with so many great safari parks to choose from in Kenya, you'll surely find one that's right for your vacation. The top Kenyan game reserve is the Masai Mara, though by no means should you shirk the others, though if you should get the chance to see the wildebeest migration at the Masai Mara reserve, by all means jump on it! Seeing the flamingos at Lake Nakuru National is absolutely unforgettable, and hitting the Nairobi National Park just outside of the Nairobi city limits is an utter joy. Speaking of Nairobi, it just happens to be one of the nicest cities found anywhere on the African continent. Modern, thriving, and well laid out, Nairobi is a joy to explore, especially if you are up for an interesting dining affair.


Nairobi has the best restaurants in Kenya, and meat eaters will not want to miss the chance to visit Kenya's most famous restaurant, Carnivore. Here, meats of all kinds are speared and roasted over a fire pit, which is a native Maasai practice. The Maasai of Kenya, who are most recognizable for their red robes and tall stature, are just one of the ethnic groups that help to make Kenya vacations so fascinating. Closer to the Kenyan coast, the Swahili people are just one more cultural treasure, and even though English is an official language in Kenya, you will hear a range of interesting tongues on Kenya trips, that's for sure.

Kenya's eastern border runs along the Indian Ocean, and the beaches here are nothing short of spectacular. Plenty of alluring Kenyan beach resorts can be found up and down the coast, and since they are really quite affordable, you might entertain the idea of spending at least a few days at one during your holiday in Kenya. If you really want to maximize your time during your trip to Kenya Africa, you can book a vacation package that includes an array of Kenyan experiences. There certainly are a variety of intriguing things to do in Kenya, and the chance to mix and match landscapes and activities is always there. Perhaps you'll be interested in taking a safari, climbing Mount Kenya, and spending some time at a beach near Mombasa. The Kenya vacation packages include experiences like these, often jumbling them together in a "Best of Kenya" kind of fashion. Since Kenya vacation packages often include your transportation, meals, accommodations, and activities, they are extremely convenient and attractive.

A holiday in Kenya will live on forever in your memory, and you'll likely find yourself dreaming of the day when you can return once you get back home. Kenyans are extremely friendly people on a whole, and though civil unrest is always an underlying concern, tourism here seems to always remain a pretty safe endeavor. Besides occasional crime, the fact that lions, leopards, and other intimidating creatures might be lurking outside your lodge room or tent has led most of the nicer Kenyan lodging establishments to hire competent security staffs so that you can worry less and enjoy more. The Kenya lodging choices are quite excellent, really, and if you can swing a stay in a safari lodge and/or a beach resort, you'll be enjoying the best digs that Kenya vacations can offer. These properties range in price and amenities, so there are choices to fit a range of budgets and tastes. On Kenya vacations you can have it your way. The chances to book tours and activities are many, the food is good and plentiful, the hotel service overridingly excellent, and the skies wide open. You can dream big in Kenya, and nobody will stop you from making your dreams a reality here.

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