African Safaris

The African safaris may well be the continent's biggest tourist attractions, and for all intents and purposes, this is largely due to the fact that most visitors can not find a like experience back home. We've all, at least most of us, been to a zoo before, and it's surely a treat to view animals like elephants and lions at zoos, but there is nothing that quite compares to seeing them in the wild. African safari tours are so varied and abundant that you could ideally spend weeks at a time in this part of the world and still be left with so much more to discover. Some tourists in Africa might only have time or funds for a single day safari tour, while others might arrange multi-day safari tours that can be quite extensive. Both are great. African safari holidays can be enjoyed year round, but generally, it's best to go between May and August, when it is drier, and in September and October, which are warm, spring-like months. Regardless of when you take your African safari vacation, you are simply promised a rewarding experience.

The various African safari tours can dramatically range in price, and as one might well expect, the more you add on, the more expensive it gets. If you are a fan of creature comforts and want your African safari vacation to be as comfortable as possible, there are luxury African safaris available. The luxury safaris typically include top accommodations and meals, and various side treats like wine-tastings and elephant rides. If you can't find room in the budget to book luxury African safaris, you will still likely be more than satisfied with the more standard experiences, which are really quite complete in and of themselves. The multi-day African safari tours will supply you with meals and transportation, so you won't have to worry about things like that, and for those that like to camp, many African safari packages feature camping. Camping under the stars at Kenya's Masai Mara Game Reserve, for example, is a camper's dream, and really, when camping during your safari, you're truly enjoying the Great Outdoors at the maximum level.

Plenty of African safari lodges exist to provide safari travelers with a welcome place to stay, and these lodges are designed in harmony with nature. They are usually airy, attractive, and alluring, and many of them boast some pretty fine chefs who will be whipping up divine specialties left and right, sometimes on demand. The African safari lodges can help you arrange your African safari tours, and they also tend to offer a list of other fun activities, like horseback riding or hiking. While you might conjure up images of a jeep full of people gazing at animals like giraffes and lions when you think of African safari holidays, there are other options available that might tempt you more. There is nothing wrong with roaming about in a jeep by any means, but you might be interested to know that in Africa you can also book a hot air balloon safari, a family safari, and a walking safari, among others. All of these are amazing experiences, and it really just depends on what your needs and preferences are.

If you like, you might try a mix of safari options, as many African safari companies, be they in Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, or any other number of countries, will tailor the safari according to your wants and needs. For those who enjoy cultural pursuits, walking with the bush men in Botswana or spending time with the Masai in Kenya can be a doubly rewarding safari experience. It's indescribably rewarding for westerners to meet and learn about these native peoples who live so differently than westerners do. If you've always wanted to take an African safari vacation, there's no better time than now. Simply put, mankind is really quite fortunate to be able to still enjoy experiences like these in a world so often busy and technologically inundated. So plan your African safari vacation today, and enjoy big skies, open savannahs, and so much more!

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