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Your airfare to Kenya will likely be a big part of the overall travel budget, so you might see what you can do to find cheap flights to Kenya if you want to soften the blow a bit. Pretty much all flights to Kenya arrive in Nairobi, which is one of Africa's best all-around cities. As a major transportation hub for East Africa, Nairobi receives flights from plenty of major airlines. It's not terribly hard to find connections for flights to Kenya in many top US and European cities, but finding really great deals might be a bit of a problem. As long as you remind yourself that a destination like Kenya is worth spending extra to get to, you shouldn't mind the price as long as you can afford it. There are deals out there, especially for those who are flexible with their dates and times, so comparing different flights to Kenya is certainly always a good idea.

For those coming from Europe, the chartered Kenya flights are usually a good way to find a deal on airfare to Kenya. Charter flights to Kenya usually land in either Nairobi or Mombasa. Mombasa is the largest city on the coast. If you have a significant group renting a charter plane for Kenya flights, it can sometimes bring the cost per person down, and individual travelers might look for last minute openings on charter flights in hopes of finding a steal. Many charter airline companies sell open seats at the last minute at a discount, as they would rather fill a vacancy and make some, rather than no money. This doesn't mean you should sit around the airport in London waiting and waiting, however, but inquiring around is something to consider.

One of the best ways to find cheap flights to Kenya, or at least a discount on Kenya airfare, is by booking a Kenya vacation package that includes your airfare. Since many visitors to Kenya come to enjoy one of the Kenya safaris, some travel companies package a safari experience with your Kenya airfare, your accommodations, your transfers, and your meals. There are plenty of nice package deals out there, so if you are really bent on finding cheap flights to Kenya, it's certainly a good place to start. Thankfully enough for travelers, the internet is an excellent place to find discounted flights, so those looking for cheap flights to Kenya can always compare airfare that way.

Once you arrive on Kenya flights, you'll then possibly have to turn to the various forms of Kenya transportation to get to your ultimate destinations, but some vacation packages, hotels, and tour companies take care of all your transportation for you, so you might choose to go that route if you please. It is usually much more convenient, not to mention cheaper in the long run. For those without that luxury, taxis are generally the best way to get to your hotel or into town once you arrive at the airports in Nairobi and Mombasa. Since those landing in Mombasa are usually en route to one of the great Kenya beach resorts, they usually hop on coaches that are provided by the resorts. Even though the ride can be bumpy, it takes quite a bit of the hassle out of things.

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