African Family Safaris

Though it's not cheap, taking the family on African family safaris is worth every cent. After all, how does one go about putting a price on an experience that is sure to generate a lifetime of memories? For those with young children, the chance to see their faces when they spot animals in the wild that they only know from books, TV, or the zoo is truly rewarding. Adults, who are instantly turned into big kids on family safari holidays, will likely be just as impressed and surprised at the first glimpse of a lion in the bush, or an elephant bathing in a river. All family vacations should be wholly positive bonding experiences, but few prove so powerful in this department as do African family safaris. Africa family vacations can certainly enjoy a range of activities and tours, but there may be none that can exactly rival the safaris.

Since it is pretty expensive to arrange family safari holidays in Africa, you will want to make sure that you are choosing the right safari tour for your wants and needs. Many African safaris are family friendly, but since some have age restrictions, it is often best for those with kids 12 and under to plan a more specific family safari. There are various reasons why some African safari operators have age restrictions. For one, it's sometimes imperative that members of the safari keep quiet so as to not scare off the wildlife. Keeping small kids quiet can be a futile effort at times. Also, since kids are more fragile than adults, often getting sick or sunburned with greater frequency, many tour operators understandably just prefer to avoid those situations. That being said, plenty of safari operators will have no problem accommodating even the smallest of children on African family safaris, and since it's just you and your family, nobody has to worry about affecting the experience for other travelers. It's a win, win situation!

For those who do have children under 12 years of age and are looking to include a safari in their African family vacations, some safaris are simply more appropriate than others, so you will want to choose accordingly. Walking safaris are popular with those that want to get out of a vehicle to get a more authentic feeling of what it's like to "re-join nature". These walking safaris are generally recommended for the physically fit, and since they can be rather demanding due to heat and dryness, etc., they are probably not best for youngsters. Canoe safaris, though just as enjoyable and unique as the other African safaris, are understandably a bit risky, as well as rather physically strenuous from time to time, so again, they might not be the best fit for Africa family vacations. Another reason that you will want to plan ahead and plan well when booking family safari holidays is because a good amount of lodges or campsites also have age restrictions. Some of the reasons for this include food choices and the danger associated with being in the vicinity of such wild creatures.

When there are animals to view during African family safaris, the kids will likely be as engaged in the experience as the adults are, but sometimes finding and spotting wildlife can get tricky. Wild animals are inherently fearful of man, if not at least cautious, so at times, a safari can get a bit dull for children, who tend to have shorter attention spans and less patience than adults. There are ways to keep your child interested during a safari when the animals are doing their best to go unseen. Besides outfitting them with a camera, which kids just love, you might hand them a pair of binoculars. Like small secret agents, kids love gadgets and such, and they are usually eager to put them to task if they can. Encouraging your kids to keep interested by giving them a wildlife checklist is always a good idea, and you might even arrange a sort of game where your child or children are rewarded for spotting certain creatures. Some African safari lodges are better for families than others not only for the aforementioned food situation, but also for the fact that some offer baby-sitting services, special kids' activities, and things the like.

South Africa is hailed by many to be the best destination for family safari holidays, partly because several of the game parks here are dubbed as "malaria-free". For all intents and purposes, South Africa simply boasts a better infrastructure than most other African countries, which can help make for smoother Africa family vacations. Kenya is another great destination for African family safaris. Everyone in your family group will likely love a Kenya getaway that includes the Kenya beaches and at least a safari at the Tsavo National Park, which is easy to reach from the coast. Tanzania, Botswana, and Namibia are a few other countries that are great for family safari holidays. As a side note, there are luxury family safari choices out there which may be of interest to you. Offering top accommodations, fun activities, and plenty of delicious food, a luxury family safari is surely a good thing if you can swing it.

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