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More than a quarter million Britons enjoy Kenya holidays every year, and one can say that Great Britain enjoys relative proximity to Kenya, a trait that is surely enviable. Europeans in general have been enjoying holidays in Kenya for some time now, the first European visitors being the Portuguese who landed on the shores of the Kenyan coast more than 500 years ago. Luxury holidays Kenya can surely accommodate, and those looking for a more grass roots experience will find Kenya to be just as welcoming. These days, Kenya package holidays can be quite extensive, covering a diverse range of landscapes and experiences, and Kenya holidays are practically without compare when one considers all of the fun and unique things to do here. The Masai Mara game reserve alone is enough to justify holidays in Kenya, but it's really only one great tourist attraction in a sea of many.

Many Kenya package holidays include the flight and all, so once you find one you like, there's really not much in the way of planning to worry about. Charter flights to Kenya are in good supply across the European continent, and many times, you can find good discounts with the charter companies. As a rule of thumb, charter airlines will almost always prefer to sell a vacant seat at a discount rather than have it go empty. Regardless of when you choose visit Kenya, you can be sure that the trip will be a most memorable one. There are plenty of great beaches in Europe, especially in warmer lands like Spain and Greece, but come winter, the weather is not conducive to the beach experience that most people covet. The Kenyan beaches are always warm, specifically during the winter months, so escaping to Kenya come February is a good way to remedy the winter doldrums. Besides the Kenya beaches, the Kenya safaris are what bring in the bulk of tourists. Places like the Masai Mara game reserve and the Kakamega National Forest are among the world's best places to view wildlife, and the chance to see the "Big Five"in the wild is something most folks won't find anywhere near home.

The Kenya safari lodges and beach resorts are certainly a big reason why holidays in Kenya are so rewarding. Near the Masai Mara and other inland attractions like Lake Nakuru, there are excellent lodges that provide enviable accommodations and savory meal choices. On the coast, the resorts not only provide great rooms, but they are also high on activities, like snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and boating. The best Kenya package holidays will include a visit to one of the Kenya safari parks and at least a few days on the coast. Unless you prefer to camp, many packages arrange for their guests to stay in various lodges and resorts, and many of these lodging establishments can be all inclusive, meaning your meals are also covered in the overall price. Speaking of meals, the Kenya resorts and safari lodges are known for their quality cuisine. Top chefs blend local flavors with international ones, and especially on the coast, seafood is abundant. Meat eaters will love Kenya holidays, especially for the Nyama Choma, or roasted meat dishes, which can sometimes feature game species like zebra, crocodile, and warthog. The best restaurants in Kenya are found in Nairobi and Mombasa, but more and more quality eateries are popping up in popular Kenyan vacation destinations.

The Swahili people are among the more interesting native groups in Kenya, with the inland Kikuyu and Luo people figuring prominently, so everywhere you go in Kenya, culture abounds. While you are enjoying holidays in Kenya along the coast, cultural points of interest like the Gedi Ruins and the Takwa Ruins can add considerable depth and understanding to your Kenya holiday experience. Museums in towns like Mombasa and Melindi provide great insight into the coastal history of Kenya. After hitting the Kenya beaches and safari parks, those booking Kenya holiday packages might also want to include a mountain-climbing expedition. Mount Kenya, which is found in the highlands of western Kenya is a pretty difficult climb, but the views from atop it are worth the effort to summit. Not far across the border in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is relatively easy to summit, requiring little more than proper clothing. Being the continent's tallest peak, Kilimanjaro certainly finds its way into many a Kenya holiday package. The kinds of experiences that one can enjoy on Kenya holidays are practically without compare. Kenyans are happy to share their part of the world with any and everyone, which is great news to travelers who are looking for a most complete holiday experience.

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