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Together with the Kenya lodges, the Kenya resorts are easily some of the country's best lodging options. The best resorts in Kenya are found along the Indian Ocean coast, and they surely see more than their fair share of visitors, many who return time and again. One of the best things about many of the Kenya resorts is there relatively low price. Though some might not match western standards, they are nonetheless inviting, especially for those looking for an affordable beach getaway. Though getting to many of the resorts in Kenya can involve a rather bumpy ride in from the airport, it's generally worth every jostle, as you will be rewarded with warm blue water and soft white sand once you do arrive. Many Kenya tours and vacation packages feature resorts as there accommodations, at least where they are available, so besides booking one independently, you might choose to go that route.

Some of the most popular resorts in Kenya are found just outside Mombasa, which is the largest of Kenya's coastal cities. These resorts extend on up the coast to Malindi, and between the two is the village of Watamu. There are plenty of good reasons to book a stay at one of the resorts in this stretch because not only are some of the most idyllic Kenya beaches found here, but visitors can also enjoy the Watamu and Malindi marine parks, as well as historical points of interest like the Gedi Ruins. Near Mombasa, the Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel at Shanzu Beach certainly deserves mention among the best resorts in Kenya. The 164 rooms and suites here are among the best on the Kenyan coast, featuring rich decor and a list of comforts and amenities. Further north, the islands in the Lamu archipelago offer some of the best resorts in Kenya for discerning travelers who have luxury and/or relaxation in mind, and exploring the islands here is definitely rewarding. The Manda Bay Resort is just one of the Kenya resorts near Lamu that offers a truly exclusive experience. Guests are pampered during their stay at Manda Bay, and there are plenty of side excursions to get into, such as dhow safaris and deep sea fishing trips.

South of Mombasa, which is quite far south down the coast itself, the number of Kenya beach resorts declines, but that's not to say that there aren't some good ones here. After crossing Mombasa Harbor by ferry, most folks headed to one of the southern Kenya beach resorts will then have to most likely endure one of those bumpy rides we've talked about, but as mentioned, the end certainly justifies the means. One of the best resorts in Kenya for couples is found south of Mombasa on Funzi Island. The Funzi Keys Island Resort offers excellent cabins, of which there aren't many, and guests will enjoy peace and quiet the way it was intended to be. The individually designed cottages here boast large bathrooms, king-sized four-poster beds, Jacuzzi tubs, and private campfire areas that are ideal for kicking back with that certain special someone.

The best resorts in Kenya are known for offering some of the best restaurants in the country. Especially at lunch, many Kenya resorts near the coast lay out lavish buffets. Fresh seafood is always on the menu, and come dinner, you can often arrange your own special dining experience, especially at the more luxurious establishments. Capping a day off with a beach barbecue is surely a good way to bond with friends and family, and some resorts offer chefs that can whip up savory meals on demand. You'll certainly eat well when staying at most of the Kenya beach resorts, even at those priced in the most approachable price ranges. Booking tours and side trips at most of the resorts in Kenya is a breeze, even if you want to head inland to enjoy a safari. If you don't book a tour through your resort, you can find local tour companies in the more populated beach destinations, and it's recommended that you see what the independent tour providers have to offer. You can surely keep yourself busy with tours, watersports, and dining pursuits when staying at the best resorts in Kenya, or you can simply lay back on a soft and sandy beach and take one heck of a break from the stresses of life.

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