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The Kenya tours are quite abundant, so you'll have every chance to book long or short one during your Kenya vacation. The various Kenya tours exist to meet Kenya's growing tourism demands, and there are scores of officially-trained Kenya guides that can make your excursions great and memorable ones. Soaring mountains, wide-open savannahs, and pristine India Ocean marine parks are just some of the things you can enjoy on tours of Kenya, and you'll most definitely want to consider booking at least one Kenya safari while here. There are luxury Kenya tours available for those with room in the budget to spare, while those who are tight on funds will find plenty of more affordable ones as well. Kenya sightseeing is some of the best in all of Africa, and with so many different landscapes to choose from, you might need an extra suitcase for all your necessary supplies. Whether you book Kenya tours before or during your trip, they are a great way to add substance and depth to your overall Kenya experience.

Arguably, the best tours of Kenya are those that include one or more of the country's renowned game reserves. The most famous of the Kenyan game reserves is the Masai Mara, with the Kakamega reserve also a top choice. For those hanging out in the capital city of Nairobi, half-day safari tours of the Nairobi National Park are certainly to be considered, especially if you are not able to get out to some of the larger game reserves. If you can, you might plan a Maasai Mara safari tour during the July/August wildebeest migration, which is easily one of the more fascinating spectacles on the face of the earth. The Maasai Mara is generally considered to be the best place in Kenya for wildlife safaris, and there are some truly wonderful lodges near or at the Masai Mara where you can enjoy a wonderful stay. Most of the top Kenya game reserves are found inland, but that doesn't mean that those hitting the Kenya beaches won't be able to include one in their Kenya vacation plans. Tour companies, many of which are associated with the Kenya beach resorts, are readily available at coastal destinations like Lamu, Malindi, and Mombasa, and they can get you inland in a hurry. Tsavo, which is Kenya's largest safari destination, is quite close to Mombasa, making it a top Kenya tours destination for those enjoying the Kenya coast.

Multi-day tours of Kenya that include top safari game reserves often include other top Kenya sightseeing destinations, such as Lake Nakuru and Mount Kenya. Across the border in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro awaits those looking to enjoy the relatively easy ascent to the summit, and bordering part of western Kenya is Lake Victoria, where fishing tours and trips to Lake Victoria islands and villages are popular tourist pursuits. Imagine booking tours of Kenya that have you viewing lions, cheetahs, and leopards one day in the Masai Mara, and scaling the craggy peaks of Mount Kenya the next. Depending on the tours of Kenya that you choose, your lodging will be a hotel, resort, or lodge most days, though there are Kenya tours that have camping as part of the experience. The best camping tours Kenya offers provide guides and all the necessary provisions, helping guests focus more on simply enjoying themselves. There is actually quite an abundance of great Kenya camping destinations, and top parks like the Masai Mara and Tsavo National Park are just two ideal places for pitching a tent. For those interested in climbing tours of Mount Kilimanjaro, camping is the only way to go if you wish to summit.

Companies that offer tours of Kenya have devised all kinds of exciting itineraries that feature top destinations, so finding the right one for you and your group should not be an issue. Cultural tours in western Kenya are sure to compliment wildlife tours, for example, and there are quite a few intriguing historical vestiges spread along the coast that are certainly worth including in a Kenya beach vacation. The Gedi Ruins near Malindi are certainly worth adding to your Kenya sightseeing list, and the islands near Lamu have some interesting ruins of their own. Deep sea diving and fishing are becoming more and more popular fixtures on some of the available tours of Kenya, and the snorkeling and scuba diving is excellent off the Kenyan coast due to the abundance of coral reef gardens.

One of the great things about Kenya tours is the transportation aspect, as the tour companies take care of arranging your ferry, car, and plane transfers for you. This can surely make life a lot easier. A Kenya tour can last a few hours, or it can span the course of more than a month, so finding ones to fit into your time frame is certainly possible. It is generally advised that you hire guides for any Kenya tours that you are considering, though there are self-guided tours available for those who enjoy a certain level of independence. Imagine renting a Range Rover and going on safari on your own! Quite a romantic thought that surely is for some. Kenya sightseeing is a beautiful thing, and the Kenya tours await you en masse, so you can surely get excited about all the possibilities when planning your awesome Kenya getaway.

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