Kisumu Kenya

Some 200 miles northwest of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi is where you will find the Lake Victoria port city of Kisumu. Formerly named Port Florence, Kisumu began to grow in importance as a stop along the historic Uganda Railway. The 3rd largest city in Kenya, Kisumu rests at an elevation of over 5,000 feet above sea level, which makes for some refreshingly moderate temperatures. One of the more interesting things about Kisumu Kenya is that it was named the first Millennium City by the UN. What this basically means is that Kisumu will be at the forefront of diplomatic and economic reforms aimed at bettering life in Central and East Africa. Capital of the Nyanza Province, and just 15 miles or so south of the Equator, Kisumu Kenya is second in importance to the Ugandan city of Kampala in terms of Lake Victoria basin cities. There are regular daily flights between Kisumu and Nairobi, and there are also bus routes between the two cities should you prefer to go that way.

One of the first things that many visitors to Kisumu Kenya might consider doing is visiting the Kisumu Museum, which is considered to be one of the more interesting museums in all of Kenya. It's without question one of the favorite Kisumu attractions. Should you stop in here on your Kisumu trip, among the exhibits that you'll see are a stuffed lion attacking a stuffed wildebeest. Coincidentally, a Kisumu trip will have you within just a 4 hour's drive from the famed Maasai Mara game preserve, so who knows, you might get to see a real lion pouncing on a real wildebeest should you book a Maasai Mara safari. Back to the Kisumu Museum, visitors can view a number of live animals, including Lake Malawi fish, spitting cobras, and even a crocodile container. There are also exhibits here that focus on the history and people of the Nyanza Province, but according to some, the top exhibit here is the Ber-gi-dala, which is a full-scale representation of a traditional Luo home. The Luo are one of Kenya's largest ethnic groups. Also worth checking out in town during your Kisumu vacation is the Kibuye Market.

The growing tourism industry in Kisumu Kenya revolves largely around Lake Victoria and the wildlife that calls the area home. Some of the top Kisumu attractions include Hippo Point and the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary. Those enjoying Kisumu travel can head to Hippo Point not only to view hippos, of which you will see occasionally, but also for watching the sunset over Lake Victoria. Campers might pass on the Kisumu hotels to camp near Hippo Point, as there is a campsite close by at the village of Dunga, which is primarily a fishing village. The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary may not be all that large, but it is an excellent place to view impala, as the name implies, and there are also other animals to see here that did not otherwise fare well out on their own for one reason or another.

One of the more interesting Kisumu attractions that you might include in your Kisumu trip is Kit Mikayi, which is a weeping rock. There is actually a larger rock here that is topped by 3 other rocks. As the story goes, a wife who lost her husband to another woman climbed the hill here, as these rocks are where her lover committed his adulterous misdeed. Her spirit has been weeping here ever since. Intriguing, to say the least. There's plenty to see and do on a Kisumu vacation, so you might consider spending at least a few days here during your Kenya getaway.

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