Lake Victoria

Found on the western side of Africa's Great Rift Valley, Lake Victoria borders the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Understandably so, Lake Victoria Africa attracts visitors, be they locals who come to fish the waters, or tourists hoping to enjoy the beautiful landscape. When visiting the Lake Victoria coastal city of Kisumu Kenya, it's a joy to watch the sun set to the west over Africa's largest lake, especially after a full day spent out and about. Being the most important freshwater fishing destination in all of Africa, tourists looking to get out on the water might choose to go out with local fishermen for a day. Watching these fisherman go about their duties is a nice cultural pursuit, and you might even catch some of the local boats engaged in a rowing race. Two times the size of Wales, and famously known as the source for the venerable Nile River, Lake Victoria is attracting more and more curious visitors these days. Some Kenya vacation packages include it on their itineraries, and it's a great addition to any Kenya vacation.

Lake Victoria is also known as Victoria Nyanza, and the part of western Kenya that borders it is known as the Nyanza region. The Luo people call parts of Kenyan Lake Victoria home, and they've been here for centuries. Coming from Uganda and Sudan, the Luo arrived in the 16th century, dividing into different groups once they got here. Stone fortresses were built to protect their settlements, and the Thimlich Ohinga ruins are one of the best surviving examples of these fortresses. At more than 25,000 square miles in size, one can imagine why a group like the Luo would choose to settle at Lake Victoria, especially on a continent that is often known for its oppressive heat and dry terrains. Only around 400,000 years old, Lake Victoria is a relatively young lake, and it has dried up several times in the past, though the last of these occurrences was more than 17,000 thousand years ago. In and around 1160 AD, Arab traders made what is believed to be the first mapped documentation of Lake Victoria, and it was clear to them that this was where the great Nile River had its source.

Lake Victoria Africa is known to be one of the more densely populated areas on the planet. Much like the aforementioned Luo people of Kenya, others in the past no doubt were quite smitten with Lake Victoria upon first setting eyes on it, as it is a veritable inland sea with a bounty of fish to offer up, not to mention the water itself. Interestingly enough, Lake Victoria is part of what are referred to as the Great Lakes of Africa. Tectonic activity generate by the East African Rift is responsible for these lakes, another of the more notable of which is Lake Tanganyika. For those wishing to take in as much of Lake Victoria Africa as they can, there are ferries that connect the premier lakeside cities, so you can always hop on one of those to hit different destinations in different countries. The fishing lodges on the Kenyan islands of Takawiri, Rusinga, and Mfangano, make for excellent bases for those interested in enjoying Lake Victoria travel. These lodges offer up guides and equipment, so you won't have to worry about anything except having fun. If the Lake Victoria fish are biting, the guides at these lodges can help you find them. The Lake Victoria perch and the Nile tilapia are the two prime species of Lake Victoria fish, the former known before as the Nile perch. A few different cichlid species also make up the Lake Victoria fish populations, and their numbers seem to rebounding, having declined after the introduced Nile perch came to dominate the waters.Coincidentally, the Nile perch is Africa's most prolific fish food.

For those not interested in fishing at Lake Victoria, there are opportunities to hire a local boat and guide for a non-fishing trip. You can hit local villages and spot an array of wildlife along the way. The numerous species of birds found at Lake Victoria Africa makes it an ideal birder's paradise, and there is a good chance that during your time here, you might even spot a hippo! Ruma National Park, which is found in Kenya, offers up such rare animal species as the Rothschilds Giraffe and the smallish Oribi Antelope. Being fairly remote, this park is often devoid of other tourists, which can be a nice thing for those looking to focus on nature. Coincidentally, the Ugandan Ssese Islands are becoming a popular Lake Victoria Africa vacation destination, so you might entertain the idea of a few days at a lodge there to compliment your Kenya trip. From Lake Victoria, you might also choose to head on to either Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro, where a decidedly different experience awaits you. Book a safari on the side, and you're enjoying simply some of the best that African travel has to offer!

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