African Leopards

Built for survival, African leopards are one of the most impressive hunters on the face of the earth. Looking quite docile as they tend to cubs or relax in the shade, African leopards can spring into motion at a moment' notice, reaching top speeds of up to 37 miles an hour. They are graceful and powerful at once, and many revere them for their utter beauty. To escape the mid day heat, many a leopard in Africa takes to a cave or a tree, and it' quite a treat to see one of these creatures draped over a tree branch. Since leopards are solitary animals, preferring to avoid other leopards, you likely won't see groups of them during a leopard safari. Thankfully, the African leopards are so attractive that seeing just one by itself is enough to generate a significant feeling of satisfaction.

African leopards can have different coat colors and patterns depending on where they are found. In East Africa, the leopards tend to have more circular spots, while those found in southern Africa have square-shaped spots. Being extremely adaptable, which has helped them survive, African leopards can thrive in a number of habitats, though the favorite African leopard habitat hangouts seem to be riverine forests and dense, rocky bushland. Most likely due to human influence and other factors, the leopards in Africa tend to be primarily nocturnal, choosing to rest instead during the day. The spotted coat of the leopards helps them to hide, as it' a near perfect camouflage. Should you spot a forest-dwelling leopard, you will notice that its coat exhibits a darker coloring, while those that live in gold-colored grasslands tend to have a lighter coat. You can expect a leopard in Africa to have quite a nice range of land pretty much to itself, as they are highly territorial, choosing only to associate with other leopards when it' time to mate. Marking their plots with urine and warning of their presence with a raspy cough of sorts, leopards make it known to other leopards that they better stay out. Like house cats, leopards purr and growl, and unlike house cats, they also roar.

Male African leopards, which generally range between 44 and 198 lbs. are bigger than their female counterparts, which on average weigh anywhere from 37-132 lbs. Leopards are strong climbers, in fact they are the strongest climbers of all the big cats. Should you witness a kill on a leopard safari, quite often the prey is larger than the leopard, which really gives insight into how powerful these animals really are. Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya are just some of the countries where you can book a leopard safari, and while some choose to go out on leopard hunts, most prefer to simply watch these amazing creatures go about their daily lives. When you choose to go looking for a leopard in Africa, you can either focus your efforts on one country, or book an extended trip that crosses borders. Sometimes, when you stay at a safari lodge at or near a specific game reserve, you can spot a leopard while doing nothing more than dining outside or relaxing on a terrace. There are various African vacation packages that feature a leopard safari on their itineraries, and more often than not, these vacation packages also include your lodging and meals, which is quite convenient.

If you are in Africa to view animals first and foremost, you might also choose to book a rhinoceros safari, or a buffalo safari, perhaps. Lion safaris are hugely popular, and if you like leopard safaris, you're bound to enjoy them all the same. Thankfully enough, African safaris involve more than one animal, so even if you are looking mostly for a leopard, you will be able to observe a myriad of species along the way. For those who think that taking an African safari means roughing it, there are luxury safaris available, and they offer quite a lot in the way of comfort.

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