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Once you decide when to go to Kenya, you will then have to decide what you are going to do once you get there. Of course, it could just as easily be the other way around, but in any event, finding things to do in Kenya will enter the picture at some point. The list of things to do in Kenya could be quite long, as there are many favorable Kenya attractions to choose from. A Kenya vacation usually involves enjoying the great outdoors in one way or another, and often times, the outdoor pursuits are many. The following list highlights some of the top Kenya attractions and offers up a few ideas for things to do in Kenya. Hopefully it will help you figure out how to spend your time wisely in this amazing African vacation destination.


Most visitors to Kenya will take a safari of some kind during their trip, and a Kenya trip really isn't complete without one. The Kenya national parks and game reserves are easily among the top Kenya attractions, and you can visit a handful of great ones if you please. The Masai Mara Game Reserve is the most popular of the Kenyan parks, and it is also where the famed wildebeest migration is best enjoyed. Many Kenya vacation packages offer safaris as part of the deal, and you can easily book them once you get here. It's truly something to see lions, elephants, rhinos, and other African animals roaming free in Kenya.

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara, which received mention above, is without question one of the favorite Kenyan attractions. Found in southwest Kenya near the Tanzania border, this park is teeming with wildlife, and it's generally hailed as one of the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing. One of the fun things to do in Kenya is book a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara, which is sure to impress. Some of the best Kenyan safari lodges are found in or near the Masai Mara reserve, so you might book a stay at one and enjoy this place as much as you can.

Kenyan Beaches

Besides the Kenyan safaris, the Kenyan beaches are likely the top Kenyan attractions. When it's cold up in the northern hemisphere, it's certainly warm along the Kenyan coast. In fact, it's always warm along the Kenyan coast, which makes it such a great beach destination, really. Throw in the fact that rich blue water and soft white sand awaits you, and you have a recipe for success. The Kenyan beach resorts are easily some of the best accommodations in the country, and there are even coral reefs found offshore that make the experience all the more dazzling. Mombasa, Lamu, and Malindi are the top beach destinations in Kenya, but all up and down the coastline, the experience is utterly satisfying.

Gedi Ruins

If you choose to head to the coast of Kenya to enjoy the beaches, then you will also want to consider a trip to the Gedi Ruins, which are found close to both Malindi and Watamu. Gedi (Gede) Kenya was once a Swahili settlement that was founded in the 12th century. The ruins here consist of houses, a palace, and a mosque. There is also a cafe here and a nice museum. The Gedi Ruins are certainly one of the top historical Kenya attractions.

Lake Nakuru

Found near the Great Rift Valley city of Nakuru, Lake Nakuru is the site for one of the best birdwatching experiences in all the world. Thousands, sometimes even millions, of pink flamingos flock to Lake Nakuru to feed on the algae-rich alkaline lake, giving it the appearance of being pink. To compliment an already excellent experience, the Lake Nakuru National Park is also home to plenty of other interesting animal species, which helps to make it one of the top Kenyan attractions. Black rhinos, lions, leopards, waterbucks, and plenty more species of birds are just some of the creatures you'll see at Lake Nakuru National Park.

Climb Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's tallest mountain at 19,340 feet, and though it is found across the border in neighboring Tanzania, it is still included on many visitors' lists of Kenya things to do. Mount Kenya, which rises to an elevation of 17,058 feet, is the second tallest mountain in Africa, and it's craggy, snowcapped upper reaches are really quite picturesque. Mount Kilimanjaro, though higher, is actually an easier climb than Mount Kenya. The views from atop both are absolutely amazing, and since you need to summit slowly to avoid altitude sickness, you'll have a chance to marvel at how the climatic zones change as you ascend. Both peaks are relatively easy to summit, so you might try both!

Kenya Shopping

Even if you aren't a huge fan of shopping, perusing the goods in Kenya can often be more enjoyable than you may have thought, and after all, you'll need at least one dazzling souvenir to remind you of your trip. There are neat shops and markets in Nairobi and Mombasa, and you can find markets and unique wares all over the country, really. Kenya grows exceptional coffee, so you'll want to grab a bag of your favorite blend, and the woodcarvers in Lamu will impress even the most choosy shoppers. Jewelry, clothing, and musical instruments are just some of the other things you can consider when shopping in Kenya. Chances are good that even if you don't have Kenya shopping on your list of Kenya things to do, you will end up engaging in it regardless. Plus, how many chances do you get to bargain back home?

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Rising 17,058 feet above sea level, Mount Kenya is Kenya's tallest mountain....

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Maasai Mara

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