Morocco, due to its location in northwestern Africa, has often found itself at the center of African, European, and Arabian relations, and its rich culture continues to exhibit influences of all the above to this day. Ruled and contested by Berber dynasties and European countries, Morocco is a historically-rich African country that is as dynamic as it is enticing. Though it can be a bit stressful at times, Morocco travel is well worth it, especially since Morocco tourism on the whole is on the rise. The medinas, or old cities, of many a Moroccan city offer the quintessential Morocco travel experience, their narrow streets and lively souks (marketplaces) harkening back to earlier times. Outside of the medina walls, newer parts of town reflect foreign interests and investments, while at the same time depicting the country's overall move towards future growth. More and more upscale Morocco hotels are catering to the growing Morocco tourism demands, and expatriates are moving in with increasing frequency. Upon contemplation of the impressive Moroccan landscape, one quickly realizes just why so many people want to come here.

Morocco is not a terribly large country, being a bit smaller than either Spain or France, but found within its borders are a range of wonders. Here, the rising Atlas Mountains separate fertile plains from desert, which makes for a wide range of Morocco travel experiences. After exploring the inland deserts and mountain ranges, those on a Morocco vacation might entertain the idea of heading north or west to relax by the sea. The country is bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and during the hot summer months, the various Moroccan beach towns are certainly hopping. Agadir is perhaps the most popular Moroccan beach destination, with Tangier another worthy candidate, if not primarily for its location just across the Strait of Gibralter. Tangier, like many other Moroccan cities, towns, or villages, has been working on its overall identity in the hopes of attracting more tourists. Along the bay, new 5-star hotels are springing up, and Tangier's medina is more attractive and delightful than ever.

Casablanca is just another example of Morocco's overall growth and move towards the future. The largest city in the country, Casablanca is usually the point of entry for those arriving by plane, and though this booming metropolis might not offer some of the delights found in other parts of country, it is perhaps the best example of modern-day Morocco. If the hotels in Casablanca aren't new, they have likely been recently renovated, and the number of restaurants here seems to increase daily. Don't forget to try Tajine when dining in Morocco! Tajine refers to a variety of delicious Moroccan stews, which are customarily shared by all at the table, and it's perhaps the most authentic Moroccan dish. Speaking of dining, the tourist-favorite city of Marrakesh is a good place to enjoy Moroccan cuisine.

Come nightfall, the main square in Marrakesh is home to an array of food stalls, and visitors and locals alike certainly enjoy strolling about as they sample this, that, and the other. But, adventurous and often-rewarding dining experiences aren't all that attract tourists to Marrakesh. Shopping in the souk here is about as good a Moroccan shopping experience that one can have during a Morocco vacation, and throughout the year, an array of interesting festivals help to keep things interesting. The Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival, which is held in July, is just one of the events that you might include in your Morocco travel plans. Combining a trip to Marrakesh with a visit to the chic, yet laid-back seaside city of Essaouira is usually a popular Morocco travel endeavor, so anyone planning a Morocco vacation will certainly want to look into that.

Since Morocco is relatively compact, yet quite diverse, many people arranging a Morocco vacation like to include one or more Morocco tours into the mix. Morocco tours can be arranged in major cities like Fes, Casablanca, and Marrakesh, and whether you schedule them ahead of time or as you arrive, they are certainly rewarding. Camel tours and 4x4 tours are among the most popular Morocco tours, and both offer visitors the chance to experience some of the best that Morocco travel has to offer. Plenty of Morocco tours involve exploring the Atlas Mountains highlands, and back in the main cities, tours of the guided variety are the best way to introduce yourself to the often-hectic medinas and city shopping centers.

A land of deserts, date palms, daunting peaks, and delectable seaside hangouts, Morocco is a vacation destination with so much to offer. Nature lovers, history buffs, surfers, backpackers and discerning travelers alike can all appreciate a Morocco vacation, and between the enduring mosques and the endearing people, you'll find a land just begging to be explored. So easy to reach from Europe, yet worlds away all at once, mystical, mysterious, and magical Morocco can deliver the kind of vacation experience that is truly unforgettable. We've only just scratched the surface when it comes to discussing the overall allure of Morocco, and it's truly one of those destinations that must be experienced to be appreciated. So, plan your Morocco vacation today, and treat yourself to a travel experience that certainly deserves mention among the most unique in the world.

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