Moroccan Airports

Two main Moroccan airports handle most of the country's incoming flights. One of these airports is the Marrakech Menara International Airport. The country's other major airport is the Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca. Due to the fact that the Moroccan government wants to see an increase in tourism, more of the smaller airports in Morocco are also starting to accept international flights. The airport in the seaside resort of Agadir, for example, accepts flights from Europe, which can help travelers get to their beachfront hotel or vacation rental more directly.

While the smaller airports in Morocco service flights from European countries like England and Spain, most of the international flights arrive in Casablanca. The Mohamed V Airport is only about eighteen miles south of Casablanca, and it is linked to both Casablanca and the capital city of Rabat by affordable shuttle trains. There is a tourist information desk at the airport in Casablanca, and it can help incoming travelers figure out where to stay, how to get where they are going, or where to eat, among other things. For those without hotel reservations, some of the major Casablanca and Rabat hotels have representatives at the airport. Car rental agencies also provide onsite representatives that can hook travelers up with some wheels.

While the airport in Casablanca is still the most popular of the Moroccan airports, Marrakech is the country's most popular tourist destination. This is helping to make the Marrakech Menara International Airport an increasingly popular place to arrive. Direct flights to Marrakech's airport are available daily in such European cities as London, Brussels, and Geneva, and connecting flights from Casablanca are also easy to come by. The Marrakech Menara International Airport is just a few miles south of the city, and it boasts a new arrivals building. Both of these features make for a pleasant travel experience. The ride into town from the airport takes hardly any time at all, and many Marrakech hotels offer airport transportation services for their guests.

In 2006, the Moroccan government declared an open-skies policy, deregulating its airline industry in the process. The move was made in an effort to increase tourism, and it has worked. These days, travelers can fly into any number of Moroccan airports. This allows for less ground transportation issues. Travelers who wish to spend the bulk of their time in Fes, for example, can fly to the small Saiss Airport, which handled nearly half a million passengers in 2008. Flights to Fes commonly depart from London, Paris, and Frankfurt. Some of the other airports in Morocco that travelers might also keep in mind include the Al Massira Airport and the Boukhalef Airport. The former can be found near Agadir, while the latter is close to Tangier.

The various airports in Morocco are poised to accept even more flights in the coming years, and this is part of the reason why interest in Morocco tourism is increasing. There are lots of rewarding things to do in Morocco and lots of interesting places to do them in. For those who want to get around to all the top destinations on their visit, the various Moroccan airports can come in extra handy. A flight from Casablanca to Agadir, for example, will save the traveler a ton of time over the lengthier ground transportation options. As a side note, Morocco cruises are available as well, and they offer another way to get to this fascinating African nation.

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