Morocco Beaches

The Morocco beaches are many, and travelers who are interested in visiting them will be happy to know that most are very clean. More often than not, strong currents will be all that will dissuade beachgoers from swimming at a given beach. In addition to being clean, most of the beaches in Morocco are beautiful. The country's warm weather only helps to make a beach vacation in Morocco more attractive, and while July and August are the most popular months for a Moroccan beach visit, the country's coastal strips of sand can also be enjoyed in late spring and early fall.

Morocco's coastline is long, and it borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean beaches stretch from Saidia to Tangier, and there are more than 100 to choose from. Many travelers who are looking to enjoy one of the northern Mediterranean beaches in Morocco head to Tamuda Bay, which is home to some excellent beaches and a range of lodging options. The luxurious villas and other vacation rentals complement the hotels at Tamuda Bay, and the environment is extremely family friendly. Back in Saidia, the wide beach also attracts its fair share of holidaymakers, especially during the peak summer months.

Morocco Beaches
Morocco Beaches

Getting to the northernmost Morocco beaches will prove less tempting to travelers who are hanging out in other parts of the country. For Casablanca and Rabat visitors who are interested in some beach time on the side, a trip to El Jadida might be in order. The fine beaches in this attractive outpost on the Atlantic are more popular with Moroccans than they are with tourists, which can make for a unique experience. El Jadida boasts attractive architecture and a medina that doesn't fail to impress, which helps to make it worthy of a visit. The beaches begin where the town ends, so mixing some in-town sightseeing with some beach time won't be hard.

Heading further south along Morocco's Atlantic coast, travelers will eventually come to the city of Essaouira. Much like El Jadid, Essaouira boasts fantastic architecture and an inviting medina, and the wide beach is ideal for strolling and various watersports. Thanks to the consistently strong winds at the beach in Essaouira, windsurfing and kitesurfing figure among the most popular watersports. Lessons can be arranged for these activities, and visitors can also get some surfing lessons.

The Atlantic Ocean beaches in Morocco are the best for surfing, and the peak season is September through April, though good surf occurs throughout the year. Good conditions can be expected north of Rabat and in the El Jadida area. The Morocco beaches in and around Safi are also known for their quality when it comes to surfing. Down towards Essaouira, some good breaks are usually easy to find, and travelers who head further south towards Agadir will only find more spots to hang ten.

Agadir is the main beach resort in Morocco, and its beach is one of the most ideal in the country for swimming. While enjoying a beach vacation in Morocco that is based in the southern Agadir area, Agadir Beach won't be the only beach worth checking out. To the north, the laid-back village of Taghazout and its relaxing beach await, while those who venture further north will find some of the most pristine beaches in the country. There aren't as many beach hotels to be found in the less-spoiled Morocco beach destinations, which helps to keep things quiet.

One of the great things about a beach vacation in Morocco is that travelers can enjoy an array of other tantalizing experiences when they aren't hanging out with their feet in the sand. Heading inland to go hiking in the mountains can be an ideal complement to time on the beach in Morocco, and the country's towns and cities can fill hours on end with their medinas, Kasbahs, restaurants, shops, and overall atmosphere. Morocco vacation packages are available, and many offer discounts on beach hotels and resorts. They can also include things such as surfing lessons and meals, or even some yoga sessions.



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