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Morocco cruises have been attracting the attention of more and more travelers in recent years, and the options are quite complete. Anyone interested in taking a Morocco cruise vacation can choose from any number of cruise lines, and the itineraries can include a list of international destinations. For those with room in the budget and lots of time to spare, a cruise to Morocco can last more than a month and include stops in more than a dozen international ports of call.

While many Morocco visitors choose to arrive on a flight, going by way of sea can be a more romantic endeavor. For those who want to explore Morocco alone, hopping on a ferry in either Spain or France is an option. The ferry from Algeciras to Tangier is the most popular. The trip from this town in southern Spain to Morocco's northern gateway city takes approximately two hours, though it can vary depending on the ship. Ferries to Morocco can also depart from other Spanish destinations, such as Barcelona, and the two-day trip from France is gaining in popularity. The longer ferry trips, which basically means those that don't depart from southern Spain, feature ships that are akin to standard cruise ships. In addition to comfortable guest cabins, these ships also tend to feature amenities like bars, restaurants, and swimming pools.

While the ferry trips are ideal for travelers who only want to visit Morocco, the more complete Morocco cruises will be a better fit for those who want to visit other international destinations as well. A cruise to Morocco can start in a number of different places, with Barcelona and Rome being two of the options. As for other destinations that might figure on the itinerary of a cruise to Morocco, they can be as far away as the Bahamas or Brazil. The itineraries for the different Morocco cruises vary considerably, and the trips most often last from two weeks to just over a month. While en route to all the fun destinations, cruise passengers will find a number of ways to keep busy. Staring out to sea from the decks of the large cruise ships can fill some time, and relaxing by the pool is bound to prove tempting. Today's cruise ships are essentially small cities, and the cruise companies go to great lengths to make sure that passengers have a good experience.

There are four main ports of call for Morocco cruises, and the country's main beach resort of Agadir is quickly becoming one of the most attractive. A cruise to Casablanca is still the most popular option, however, and travelers can also hop on ships that stop at more than one of the country's main ports. In addition to Casablanca and Agadir, the main Morocco cruise ports include Tangier and Safi. An array of fun things to do awaits cruise passengers at all of these ports. In Casablanca, a tour of the great Hassan II Mosque figures among the options, while Agadir visits usually revolve around time on the beach.

Tangier has one of the best medinas in Morocco, and cruise passengers who arrive here can explore it without a guide. After exploring the medina for a while, a trip to nearby Tamuda Bay for some fun in the sun might be in order. As for Safi, it is known for its excellent ceramics museum, its superb surfing, and its delicious oysters. Excursions to the Gorani Cave can also be enjoyed on a stop at Safi. A Morocco cruise vacation can include all kinds of activities once passengers get their feet on land, and visiting a spa, golfing, or hiking are just some of the other options.

Morocco cruises can be enjoyed year round, though there are some things to consider when deciding when to go. Weather is the most obvious thing to consider when trying to decide when to take a Morocco cruise vacation. For those who want to go hiking after pulling into port, late spring, summer, and fall are arguably the best times to go. Interestingly enough, snow skiing is possible in Morocco, and those who want to hit the slopes in the Atlas Mountains will want to plan a winter cruise. July and August is the peak season for Morocco travel on the whole, and since these are the warmest months of the year, they are ideal for hanging out at the beach.

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