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The Morocco events and festivals add lots of flavor to the tourism landscape, and enjoying one or more can only add depth to a visit. Moussems figure among the top Morocco festivals, and there are many to choose from when planning a trip. A moussem is a festival that is intended to honor a patron saint, and they are held in various cities, towns, and villages across the country. Other Moroccan events of prime interest are centered around music, and they are among the most popular with tourists. Even if you don't plan a Morocco vacation around a specific event or festival, chances are good that you will catch one anyways. This is especially true for visitors who make it around to a number of different destinations, including some of the towns and villages in the mountains.

For many travelers, planning a trip around a music festival in Morocco will prove tempting. There are some good ones to choose from, and one of the most renowned is the Festival of World Sacred Music. This nine-day event has grown in popularity in recent years, and it attracts hordes of tourists during its July run. In addition to attracting tourists, this world music festival also draws in some very talented international acts. Travelers might be interested to know that the United Nations has praised this excellent affair. A bunch of intriguing Morocco festivals revolve around music, and another worth considering is the Gnaoua and World Music Festival. Both national and international acts perform at this four-day music extravaganza, and various art exhibitions add cultural flare. The attractive seaside city of Essaouira sets the stage for this musical celebration.

The arts are at the heart of many Morocco events, and such is the case with the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival, which takes place in July. Berber dance and music livens this festival up, and performers come from all over the country to join in on the colorful festivities. Some of these performers are known to break out in acrobatic displays when the music overtakes them. Dancing and music is again at the heart of things for the Festival du Desert, which is one of the Morocco festivals that visitors to Merzouga might consider. Held in May in a village north of Merzouga, this festival attracts performers from the Sahara region.

Most of the Moroccan events that are popular with tourists take place in and around the peak summer travel season. There are a few worth noting that take place outside of the summer months, however. These Morocco festivals and events include the Date Festival and the fascinating Marathon des Sables. The former is held in October and celebrates one of the country's most celebrated foods. The desert town of Erfoud is the site for this celebration of dates, and much like Merzouga, it is a popular place to arrange camel trekking tours through the magnificent Erg Chebbi. As for the Marathon des Sables, it is a six-day footrace through the desert. As such, this spring event might not be the most attractive for tourists who aren't in tip-top shape.

These are just some of the Moroccan events and festivals that travelers can keep in mind, and there are plenty of others to consider. In addition to stopping by a local tourism office, travelers who are looking to get information on Morocco events and festivals can also inquire at their hotels or when booking a vacation rental. Many of the top hotels in Morocco provide excellent tips for their guests on anything from festivals to food.

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