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The Morocco hostels might not offer the most luxurious rooms for travelers, but it's hard to beat the cheap rates. It doesn't get any cheaper than the hostels when it comes to cheap Moroccan lodging, save perhaps for the campsites that can be found at campgrounds such as the Camping Miramonte. As is the case with most of the country's campsites, this campground outside of Tangier offers some relatively peaceful spots that can accommodate tents, cars, and camper vans. While camping will be attractive for some budget-minded travelers, others will prefer having four walls around them. In this case, a hostel in Morocco is the way to go.

Marrakech is the most highly-visited city in Morocco, and for good reason. In addition to boasting a vibrant medina, excellent restaurants, and the famed Jamaa el Fna Square, Marrakech also enjoys an excellent location that has it within easy reach of both beaches and mountains. Travelers who want to save on lodging in this dynamic city can always turn to the Marrakech hostels. Some of these hostels come in the form of riads, which are Moroccan guesthouses. While many of the country's riads are on the upscale side, there are also mid-price and discount options. The Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge is one of the best Marrakech hostels, and it can be found in the lively medina. There are ten rooms at this hostel, and they range in size. Most of the rooms have a private, ensuite bathroom, while the cheaper units share a communal bathroom with shower. While the amenities in the guestrooms are limited, guests can watch cable TV, and the hostel features a shared kitchen. Other amenities that help to make the Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge attractive are the rooftop terrace and the wood-fired hammam.

Many of the Marrakech hostels offer clean and comfortable rooms that are relatively well-equipped considering the price. Such is the case at the Equity Point Hostel (pictured), which is one of the newer hostels in the city. Found in the medina as well, this hostel offers four to ten rooms, depending on guest needs, and all of them feature private bathrooms. Tasteful furnishings add to the rooms' appeal, and as is the case at all of the Morocco hostels, linens are provided. Guests can also expect to enjoy a complimentary breakfast when staying at a hostel in Morocco, and such is the case at the Equity Point Hostel. Free Wi-Fi, a bar, a rooftop terrace, a tour desk, and an inviting communal lounge figure among the other highlights at the Equity Point Hostel.

Casablanca is also one of the most highly visited cities in Morocco, and travelers can find some good hostels here as well. Many Morocco travelers end up on Casablanca because they are either arriving on a flight or leaving on one. The main Moroccan airport can be found just south of town. This largest city in the country is also a joy to explore for travelers, and those who wish to save on lodging while in town can always try to book a stay at a hostel. Most of the hostels in Casablanca have the word hotel in their names, and they feature basic rooms and facilities. While the Casablanca hostels aren't the most attractive hostels in Morocco on the whole, they can save travelers a considerable amount of money. The Hotel Astrid and the Hotel Central are two worth considering. The former offers a very peaceful setting, and the rooms boast cable TV, ensuite bathrooms, and a telephone. As for the Hotel Central, its rooms might be a little worn, but they have private bathrooms and are known for being clean.

The Youth Hostel is just one more option worth considering when it comes to the hostels in Casablanca. This hostel in Morocco is especially popular with young travelers, and though it's not exactly the place to party, guests can expect a good night's sleep. Some of the Morocco hostels offer more lively party scenes for those who prefer some nightlife, though few are raucous by any stretch of the imagination. Bars can be good places to socialize, and so many travelers will prefer a hostel with a bar.

Even if a hostel in Morocco doesn't have a bar, meeting other people shouldn't be hard. Understandably so, many travelers around the world turn to hostels to keep their travel costs down, and many of these travelers enjoy the communal atmosphere that most hostels offer. Travelers can often meet other travelers from a range of countries when staying at a hostel, and such is the case at the Morocco hostels. For those who want a little more in the way of in-room amenities when it comes to cheap Moroccan lodging, the country's hotels are well-priced on the whole. As such, splurging on a room at a good mid-price or luxury hotel for a couple nights is worth considering.

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