Morocco Luxury Hotels

Morocco luxury hotels provide travelers with comfortable retreats to retire to when they're not out exploring, and they can be found in all the best destinations. Whether you are looking to stay in a historic medina, in a newer section of a city, or somewhere outside of town, the luxury hotels in Morocco have you covered. It is worth noting that many of the best Moroccan lodging establishments offer interesting package deals. Travelers can also find more general Morocco vacation packages that offer good deals on accommodations and airfare.

Any and all travelers could consider an upscale accommodation in Morocco, as the rates are better than you might expect. Morocco travel is relatively cheap overall, and the country's luxury hotels are well priced compared to their Western counterparts. Since the Morocco luxury hotels are relatively affordable, budget-minded travelers can even take a look at them. A night or two at one of the more luxurious hotels in the country can be especially ideal after a camel tour through the desert, a hiking adventure in the mountains, or a few days of shopping in a vibrant medina.

When it comes to the best Moroccan lodging, the country's guesthouses, or riads, stand out. Also known as maisons d'hote in French, these guesthouses offer what is arguably the most authentic Moroccan lodging experience. The Marrakech hotels include some of the best riads in the country, and the Riad Farnatchi is one of them. In addition to nine sumptuous guest units, this upscale riad also boasts an ideal location on the edge of the souks in the medina. For those who prefer a non-riad lodging experience, the luxury Marrakech hotels also include the larger and more modern La Mamounia in the new district. Many vacationers also look to the collection of attractive upscale accommodations in the oasis-like Palmeraie area. The Jnane Tamsna Hotel in Palmeraie is a very inviting boutique hotel that features 24 guest units that leave little to be desired. Five of these 24 units are extra spacious villas that can be especially ideal for families.

When searching for Morocco luxury hotels, Marrakech isn't the only place to look. Casablanca and Fes are two of the country's other major cities, and they also boast some attractive luxury accommodations. Casablanca is the country's largest city, and it is also home to the biggest collection of brand name luxury hotels in Morocco. One of the best upscale Casablanca hotels is the Hyatt Regency Casablanca, which enjoys a fantastic location on the central United Nations Square. There are more than 255 rooms and suites to choose from at the Hyatt Regency Casablanca, and many of these amenity-filled units offer views of the Hassan II Mosque. This mosque is one of the few in the country that is open to non-Muslims. Akin to a resort in many ways, this Hyatt Regency features a dynamic swimming pool, a collection of restaurants and bars, a lavish ballroom, a fitness center, and a host of other facilities.

Fes offers more of a traditional Moroccan travel experience than does Casablanca, and it also features the country's largest medina. Many of the best Fes hotels are upscale riads that can be found in the famous Fes el Bali Medina, and they include the Riad Fes and the Dar Roumana (pictured). Offering a considerable amount of luxury at a lower price is the Ryad Mabrouka. Like many of the riads in the Fes medina, the Ryad Mabrouka has a rooftop terrace with excellent views. This hotel also features a small pool. Rich Berber fabrics add character to the seven rooms and suites, and the overall Arab-Andalucian design is enticing. Outside of the medina, the Crown Palace Fes offers the most luxurious accommodations in the new district. One of the luxury hotels in Morocco that deserves its five-star tag, this attractive boutique establishment features amenity-filled rooms and villas, some excellent restaurants and bars, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a hamman. Hammans are spa-like wellness areas, and many of the best Moroccan lodging establishments feature one.

Rabat and Tangier round out the main cities in Morocco, and both of these destinations also offer options for luxury hotels. When it comes to the upscale Rabat hotels, the Villa Mandarine tops the list. As is true at many an upscale Moroccan hotel, the Villa Mandarine offers some convenient services for its guests, and these include airport transfers, laundry, parking, car rentals, and room service. If you prefer an upscale riad, the Riad Oudaya includes breakfast in its rates, and the hotel is known for its fine cuisine. The Dar Baraka is another upscale Rabat accommodation worth keeping in mind when something other than a chain hotel experience is the aim. This riad only has two rooms, so guests can expect good service, and though it can be found in the busy kasbah, it manages to stay relatively peaceful.

In addition to the upscale riads and larger luxury hotels that can be found in the heart of any given Moroccan city, travelers who are seeking elegant accommodations can also consider the country's luxurious beach hotels and resorts. Most popular in the months of July and August, these luxurious oceanfront accommodations can fill up fast. The country is also home to some very attractive villas and other vacation rental properties that also deserve consideration.



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