Moroccan Museums

The Moroccan museums are excellent places to visit for anyone who is looking to gain further insight into the country's culture and people. Some of the best museums in Morocco can be found in the top vacation destinations, and they revolve around a number of different subjects. Art and history are the focus at most, and many are housed in historic buildings that are essentially museums themselves. Morocco is very much a living museum, and tourists can get also get in touch with the country's history and culture by exploring one of the country's many historic medinas.

Because of its location in northern Africa, Morocco boasts a rich history. For those who are interested in the ancient history of the country, a visit to the Archeology Museum in Rabat will be in order. This museum traces the country's ancient history back to the Stone Age, and its most renowned relics are housed in the Salle des Bronze. Many of the Roman-era relics in this exhibit came from Volubilis, which was an old Roman settlement in Morocco. The bust of Cato the Younger is one of the more interesting pieces, and it is renowned for its realism.

While visiting the capital city of Rabat, tourists who are looking for interesting museums in Morocco will want to consider paying the Mausoleum of Mohammed V a visit. This museum of sorts is one of the most important shrines in the country. Here lie the remains of one of Morocco's most iconic historical figures, King Mohammed V, who was responsible for negotiating the country's independence from France in 1956. Mohammed V's tomb is flanked by those of two of his sons, and the interior of the shrine is quite exquisite. Non-Muslims are free to enter the Mausoleum of Mohammed V to view the tombs from the gallery.

The Marrakech museums are some of the most highly visited in the country, as Marrakech is the top Moroccan vacation destination. When travelers aren't exploring the medina, hanging out in Jamaa el Fna Square, or enjoying any other number of fun things to do in Marrakech, they can give the museums a look. Both art and history enthusiasts who are looking for interesting Marrakech museums to visit might enjoy the Musee de Marrakech. This museum is housed in a former, nineteenth-century palace, which was renovated in 1997. The peaceful courtyard with its fountain is one of the best features of the Musee de Marrakech, and it can be a great place to relax when you're not checking out the art and craft displays. One of the other top Marrakech museums is the Museum of Moroccan Arts, which also displays interesting arts and crafts, including leatherwork, jewelry, and carpets.

Good Moroccan museums can be found throughout the country, and travelers who find themselves in the northern reaches will want to keep the American Legation Museum in mind. This excellent museum in Tangier not only traces Tangier's history, but Moroccan history as well, and it is housed in the building that served as the original U.S. Embassy. The Musee de la Fondation Lorin is one of the other museums in Morocco that is an ideal place to delve into the country's history. Also found in Tangier, this museum features some fascinating photos that were taken between the 1940s and the 1960s, and they depict monumental things like a young King Hassan II sitting next to Winston Churchill, and shots of everyday life that were taken in the streets.

These are just some of the Moroccan museums that travelers can consider adding to the itinerary, and there are many more. The Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts & Crafts, for example, deserves a look. Found in Fes, this museum showcases Moroccan arts and history, and it is housed in a former hotel that was built in the 1100s. The building itself is the main highlight, and hanging out at the rooftop terrace café can be an excellent way to spend some time.



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Moroccan Museums


The Moroccan museums are excellent places to visit for anyone who is looking ...

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