Morocco Nightlife

Morocco nightlife has gotten more diverse in recent years, and travelers can surely have a good time in this mesmerizing country once the sun goes down. Most of the bars in Morocco that aren't found at hotels are off limits to women, and as such, many travelers stick to the hotel bars. The more upscale hotels are where most of the best clubs in Morocco can also be found, and some of these hotels come in the form of resorts. There is a limited amount of non-hotel clubs and bars in Morocco that will allow women to enter and drink, and Tangier is one of the best places to look for them.

Tangier is the hottest destination when it comes to nightlife in Morocco, and its bars and clubs are at their best during the hot summer months. In addition to Europeans, the clientele at the Tangier bars and clubs tends to include other Westerners, and visitors can dance until the wee hours. As is true in most of the Moroccan cities and towns, the medina in Tangier is a nonalcoholic zone. As such, drinking within the country's various medinas is best done at the riad restaurants. Riads are Moroccan guesthouses, and they figure among the most attractive lodging establishments in the land, not to mention the best places to get a drink in the country's historic city districts.

Not far from Tangier is the Tamuda Bay resort area, and while this area is known as family friendly, it is also home to some good bars and clubs. Most can be found at the hotels and residential complexes. The nearby town of Ceuta, which is actually part of Spain, is also home to some good bars that Westerners might like while hanging out up north. While Tangier and the surrounding area is arguably the best place to enjoy some nightlife in Morocco, it isn't the only area where visitors can unwind with some drinks and dancing.

The Marrakech nightlife is more varied than ever, and female travelers looking to enjoy some nighttime fun will be happy to know that an increasing amount of the bars here allow female patrons. The best nightlife in Marrakech is to be had in the ville nouveau, or new district, and more specifically in the Hivernage area. Since the bars and clubs in this dynamic city tend to be on the chic side, dressing to impress is the norm. Most of the Marrakech nightclubs don't start heating up until midnight, so showing up late is also fashionable.

Marrakech nightlife isn't limited to the bar and club experience, and having some drinks with dinner is something that can be enjoyed at the medina riads. One of the greatest nightlife joys to be had in Marrakech doesn't involve visiting a bar, club, or restaurant, however. As the sun starts to set on the city's vibrant medina, the action at the Jemaa el Fna Square heats up, as do the fire pits at the food stalls. The environment is intoxicating, and features street performers and interesting vendors. For those who enjoy live music, hanging out in the Jemaa el Fna Square after dark can make for an especially cool Marrakech nightlife experience. Groups of musicians move around the square, and some perform as part of dinner shows. A few bars around town also offer live music with regularity.

Much like Marrakech, Casablanca is one of the best cities for Morocco nightlife. The place to go in Casablanca once the sun goes down is the Ain Diab suburb, which is the top entertainment district in this largest of Moroccan cities. The bars and clubs in this upscale suburb are relatively expensive, and the bouncers tend to turn people away who aren't dressed properly. Anyone in a tank top and sandals, for example, probably isn't going to have any luck getting into the Casablanca nightclubs. Other destinations that can make for good places to enjoy some Morocco nightlife include the capital city of Rabat and the seaside resort of Agadir.

Agadir is an excellent place for some seaside nightlife in Morocco, and as is the case up in Tangier, the bars and clubs here heat up during the summer months. When the bars start closing at around 1 a.m. in Agadir, the clubs get going. Outside of the peak season, many of the city's bars and clubs allow tourists to get in for free, and the clubs close around 2 a.m.

Since Morocco is striving to increase tourism, the country's nightlife opportunities are only set to increase in number. Some of the country's beaches are being developed into resort destinations that will cater to travelers from around the globe. This means that more bars and clubs will likely join ranks in the coming years. Nightlife might not be the reason that most people plan a Morocco vacation, but it's nice to know that there are some options for those who enjoy going out after dark.

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