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While there is not and abundance of Morocco resorts to choose from, the number is increasing as tourism grows in popularity. Most of the country's resorts can be found on or near the sea, and it can be somewhat hard to distinguish them from the beach hotels. This is because a beach resort in Morocco doesn't usually come in the form of a sprawling mega-resort complex, much like you might expect in the Caribbean. That being said, there are some fairly large resort hotels in Morocco that boast complete facilities, and they are some of the best places to stay when fun and relaxation are part of the plan.

As is to be expected, finding a good beach resort in Morocco is easiest when looking in the country's major beach vacation destinations. Two of these destinations are Agadir and Tamuda Bay. Agadir is the country's main seaside resort destination, and it is home to one of the biggest collections of Morocco resorts. One of the best is the upscale Sofitel Agadir. In addition to some of the most comfortable guest rooms and suites in the land, the Sofitel Agadir also boasts the kind of facilities that most travelers would expect to find at a beach resort in Morocco. These facilities include a large and attractive swimming pool, a couple enticing restaurants, a bar, and a divine slice of private beach. The resort also has a fitness center, and guests can get some exercise while they engage in any number of watersports activities, including surfing and windsurfing. Agadir is an excellent place to look when searching for a Moroccan luxury resort, and other options worth considering include Le Meridien Palais des Roses and the Dorint Atlantic Palace.

Agadir is also home to some good resorts that can save travelers some money, and they include the Caribbean Village Resort. This relatively cheap beach resort in Morocco offers all inclusive rates, as is true at many of country's beach resorts. These rates include accommodations, meals, most drinks, and plenty of free activities and live entertainment. Up north in the Tamuda Bay area, many travelers enjoy the all inclusive experience at a beach resort. The Sofitel brand again offers one of the best seafront hotels in Tamuda Bay, and it is backed by the Rif Mountains and fronted by the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to enjoying a range of spa treatments at the luxurious Sofitel Thalassa Marina Resort, guests can wander the lush grounds, enjoy the private beach, or visit one of the three excellent restaurants. Around the clock room service is available, and it can be tempting to enjoy a meal in the comfort of a room or suite. All of the guest units at the Sofitel Thalassa boast an elegant modern décor, and amenity highlights include satellite TV, a mini bar, and air conditioning.

Marrakech is an especially popular vacation destination, and travelers who are interested in staying at a Moroccan luxury resort will find a few here. One of the best is the Terre Resort and Spa (pictured), whose outdoor pool and patio area is a sleek and chic place to hang out. While this resort doesn't front the sea, it does enjoy a good location in the attractive Palmeraie area. This area is about fifteen minutes outside of Marrakech, and it offers a more relaxed environment. Relaxation is key at the Terre Resort and Spa, and golf enthusiasts should find it to be a fine place to unwind. Palmeraie is home to an array of golf courses, and the resort features a putting green for guests to practice on. Other facilities at the Terre Resort and Spa include a tennis court, a restaurant, a lounge, and a full-service spa.

Vying for top honors when it comes to the best lodging in Morocco is the Amanjena Resort, which can also be found in Marrakech. This relatively new Moroccan luxury resort not only features some spacious rooms and suites. It also offers guest units that are akin to villas. The villa-style units have two floors, and they boast small, private pools and peaceful garden areas. The Es Saadi Palace & Villas is another Marrakech resort that has villa units, and it offers more than enough luxury to satisfy most.

While the number of Morocco resorts is relatively low, lodging establishments like these can meet the needs of travelers who enjoy the resort experience. Since most of the resorts in the country offer a considerable amount of luxury, keeping an eye out for specials is a good idea. In addition to getting a good deal through the Morocco resorts themselves, travelers can also consider booking a more general vacation package that includes a resort stay. The Morocco vacation packages usually offer deals on various things, such as accommodations, flights, and ground transportation. Summer is the peak season at the Morocco resorts, so it can be harder to find deals during the summer months, especially in July and August.



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